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What we’re about

This group is for people in the Victoria area who are interested in self growth, self development, spiritual experiences, awakening, intuition, consciousness, sound healing, healing ceremonies, the metaphysical, out of body experiences, the spirit world, old souls, cocao ceremony, drumming circles, healing circles, hypnotherapy, reiki, angels, spirit guides, crystals, alternative healing, dream building, health and well being, meditation, law of attraction and more. 

If you host events for any of the above you are more than welcome to list them here. However this is not just a place to advertise your own work.  You must participate in other people's events... we support each other.

This group is a space for all people who are working towards creating a better world, a healthier life, a healthier mind, a healthier way of being!

Rules of the Group:

We expect people to follow through on their RSVP commitments; it's just basic manners to let your organizer know if you can't make it to an event you had initially joined. Some events with limited space will require advance booking and online payment in order to reserve your spot and prevent you from not following through on your commitment. 

Those who repeatedly do not show up to events or don't participate will be booted from the group. Simply not showing up without letting your organizer know makes planning very difficult for organizers and is simply rude. We don't want rude people in our group.