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Victoria Cycling Adventures (VCA) has been hosting bike rides for recreation, fitness, nature appreciation, education and just plain fun since 2013 in and around Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We offer 3 - 5 rides a week, year round, anywhere from 10 to 100+ Km. Our range (so far) is from Sooke in the West to the Cowichan Valley in the North, East to the Gulf Islands and the lower mainland. Our rides may include a picnic lunch at a scenic park, a hike, a swim, a pub or cafe, wine or beer tasting and even occasional bike-camping. We avoid busy highways and the main city arteries preferring quieter roads and neighbourhoods. Our members ride road bikes, hybrids and mountain bikes. E Bikes are permitted at the discretion of the ride leader. VCA offers rides at different pace levels from beginner (Pace 1) to advanced (Pace 4). Cyclists are expected to wear a helmet, bring water, snacks, and a spare tube or patch kit, pump, gloves and protective eye-wear and gear appropriate for the weather anticipated. Your bike must be in good working order and have front and rear lights for night rides. Riders are responsible for their own safety and fitness. Event leaders are volunteers and may not have first aid or survival training. If you aren't sure where you fit in, try a Pace 2 for your first ride. If you decide to join VCA, please complete the member questions so that we have an idea of the most suitable rides for your riding level.

Membership Fee & Payment Method

The fee is $20 a year ($15 for new members and existing members if paid within 1 month of the expiry date) to cover meetup (VCA), society (VCAC) and insurance costs, due before your second ride. Payment can be made by e-transfer to our club email at victoriacyclingadventures@gmail.com or by cash or cheque. If paying by e-transfer, the question and answer should be: What are the initials of this society? VCAC.

VCA Ride Paces

1. 10-14 kph
2. 15-20 kph
3. 18-22 kph
4. 23+ kph

Speed is on a flat, paved surface.

VCA Ride Safety

Your safety is our first priority so please complete the following tutorial (in quiz format) before your first ride: http://vcac.net/CyclingQuiz.php

VCAC (The Society)

Victoria Cycling Adventures Club (VCAC) - the society, was created as an umbrella society for Victoria Cycling Adventures - the meetup group, in order that we are able to provide you with ride liability insurance. Your first ride with us is free and you will be covered by our liability insurance. Our insurance company requires that you join the VCAC before your second ride. Please visit the VCAC website for more information about the society: http://vcac.net (http://vcac.net/).

Joining the VCAC is done online at: http://vcac.net/join-the-vcac

VCAC Waiver

You agree that at the beginning of every ride, you will sign the ride signup sheet declaring that you have read the VCA waiver ( http://vcac.net/Documents/VCACWaiver.pdf ) also printed on the back of the sign-up sheet.


By attending this ride, I declare that I have completed the general Cycling Safety Quiz ( http://vcac.net/CyclingQuiz.php ) .

By attending this ride, I declare that I have read, understood and agree to the contents of Victoria Cycling Adventures Waiver. If this is your first ride with us, please read the Waiver: http://vcac.net/Documents/VCACWaiver.pdf .

It is critical that you receive email notifications sent out by organizers of events you are attending. These contain important information about the event such as cancellation or rescheduling, change of time, change of venue and other relevant information that you will want to be aware of in order that you make the most of the event, including showing up at the right place and at the right time with the right equipment and expectations! Please follow these steps: https://www.meetup.com/Victoria-Cycling-Adventures/pages/28207167/Organizer_Contact_Settings/

IMPORTANT FOR ALL RIDERS WITH Victoria Cycling Adventures:

By attending this ride, I declare that I have read, understood and agree to the following ride procedures and policies:

Obey all traffic laws.

When you hear the rider leader's bell ringing repeatedly, give the ride leader your full attention - some important information is about to be imparted. In return for your attention, ride leaders will keep their speeches concise and infrequent.

Repeat any signals performed by the person in front of you for the person behind you. e.g. Left Turn, Right Turn, Stopping, Hazard. When turning at an intersection, all riders should signal in order to let cars know that all of us are turning.

Turn your head to the side and shout "stopping" so that the person behind can hear you if you need to stop unexpectedly or if the person in front of you indicates the group is stopping.

Always stay behind the ride leader and in front of the sweep. This is the only way we can know that we have not lost anyone.

It is okay to pass the leader on a hill, so that you don't lose your momentum, but if you do, stop at the top of the hill and resume your place behind the leader.

Any time you are overtaking members of the ride group (or anyone else for that matter) announce yourself by shouting “passing on your left” and ringing your bell if you have one - you don’t want to cause a crash if the rider in front of you suddenly moves to the left.

When we stop for any reason, move your bike (and yourself) completely off the road or trail.

The front of the ride will always stop on the other side of an intersection to wait for everyone to safely get through the light or stop sign. Do not ever compromise safety by riding through a red light, or a stop sign without looking. Just because the rider in front thinks it is safe to go through an intersection does not mean it is safe for you. Make your own decision to cross intersections - DO NOT call out to others “it’s safe to go” or "clear".

A “pointer” will always be left at any turn off the current road, so don’t worry if we get stretched out, just keep going on the current road until you see the pointer.

Always ride single file on busy roads.

Always leave a safe stopping distance between you and the rider in front of you. This will vary depending on terrain, hilliness, speed, weather, traffic...

Leave a gap of 1.5 meters (5 feet) when passing parked cars to avoid getting doored.

Always do a shoulder check and signal when moving laterally -, someone may be overtaking you.

If you would like to stop for any reason (add or remove clothing, water break, rest stop, bike problems, take a picture, pick some blackberries...) ask the person in front of you to pass your request up to the ride leader.
If you are leaving the ride prematurely, let the leader or sweep know or we may think you are lost and waste time looking or waiting for you.

Ride safe and have fun!

Feedback If you have any comments about this or any other rides, you may email the board at victoriacyclingadventures@gmail.com Constructive criticism is welcome.

Upcoming events (5+)

Pace 2: Sunday Two Plus Rides

Cafe Fantastico

Hi everyone, I needed to make a change to this week's ride, for this week only, we will be starting at 9.00am and do a two hour ride with no coffee break, as Jill and I need to be in Ladysmith for about 1.00pm. This series of rides was started with the intention of encouraging pace two riders to expand their riding horizons from the Goose and Lochside trails. Different routes each week of about 30 to 50 Km and 2 or 3 hours duration. We will try and avoid busy roads and steeper hills (THERE WILL BE HILLS!) and (if you usually ride pace 2) expect to push yourself a bit more than you are used to, to get a bit of a workout and improve your cycling range and ability. This is the "Plus" in "Two Plus". We will depart at 10.00am *PACE 3 RIDERS YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN THESE RIDES, BUT! PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP UNTIL 24hrs BEFORE RSVP,S CLOSE. THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS SERIES IS TO ENCOURAGE PACE 2S! Pace: 2to3 / 5 Distance: 30 to 60 Km Hilliness: 2 or 3 out of 5 Terrain: Mostly paved roads plus the usual Lochside/Galloping Goose/E&N trails No one will be left behind. We'll also take a few minutes here and there to learn and practice basic group safe cycling procedures. First timers welcome but note this is Pace 2+, not Pace 1 - you are expected to have basic cycling skills and fitness levels. (please check to make sure you are able to ride at this level) That said, these will be fun rides, with a park or scenic viewpoint as a destination longer rides may include a lunch/coffee stop for a break before the return. Requires a minimum of 4 participants to go ahead. Occasional showers won't deter us but torrential downpours, gale force winds and snow will! IMPORTANT FOR ALL RIDERS WITH Victoria Cycling Adventures: By attending this ride, I declare that I have read, understood and agree to the following ride procedures and policies: http://vcac.net/Documents/StandardStuff.pdf

pace 2ish ride to Pedder bay for coffee

Bike stop

https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30458462 I have been doing this regular ride for a while now, but the person who was organising it has stopped doing it, so I am going to continue! the route is 50 kms round trip, start and finish at Atkins road and GG bike stop, with another meeting point on the goose at Luxton Rd fair grounds at 10.00am, we can always schedule other points in between. out and back on the goose but we can always vary the route a bit. the ride will be a minimum of pace 2, with average speeds around 18 km h please make sure your bike is roadworthy, and you and the bike are capable of completing the ride. please carry a spare tube or repair kit. This ride will be cross posted with Club Tread, please only sign up on one sign up by 9.20am for a 9.30 departure.

Dancing on the Dempster Slideshow Fundraiser (not VCAC event)

Sidney All Care Residence

Join 72-year-old Bill Brooks as he tells the story of his solo cycling adventure starting at Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean, challenging 1000 kms of gravel, mud and potholes along the Dempster Highway and then 2800 km across 4 mountain ranges, all the way to Victoria's Mile 0 and the Salish Sea. This event is a fundraiser for Cycling Without Age Society, a non profit group in Sidney that gives seniors FREE rides on a tri-shaw bike. COST: only $10 advance purchase -[masked]. Admission $15 at the door. Bill's audiovisual presentation will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions along with coffee/tea and treats. Text Brenda at[masked] to arrange a seat of this amazing story told by Bill.

Pace 3: Salt Spring Island Apple Festival and Foodie Tour 2019

Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal

N.B. Capped ad 16 but please join the waiting list, there are always dropouts. An annual favourite. More than just apples! We'll also visit the Salt Spring Island Cheese Company and a bakery for supplies for the lunch stop, Ruckle Park and/or a wine tasting on the return. Pace: 3 / 5 Distance: 24 or 36 Km of riding on the island depending if you do the wine option or not. If you also ride both ways to Swartz Bay, add 66 Km. Hilliness: Salt Spring Island is hilly! We are rating this ride 4 out of 5 for hills. We won't be in a rush on this ride, but we expect you to be reasonably fit and capable of handling hills. We will always wait at the top for everyone to catch up. Terrain: Some dirt trail at Ruckle Park and of course the Lochside trial. Ride route map at Ride With GPS (https://ridewithgps.com/routes/24790886). The second loop out to the winery (left of the 21 km marker) is hilly and optional - you can just turn left at the point and head back to the ferry. Meet at the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal no later than 10:30 at the Gulf Islands toll booths down on the right hand side to catch the 11 am ferry to Fulford Harbour. Organizers will be there from about 10 to 10:30 to get you a discounted ferry ticket. Please don't arrive any later than 10:30 or you are on your own! $8.50 for the return ferry, bring exact change if you can or at most a $10 bill. September 29th departure time and fare confirmed. We can pool resources when purchasing cheeses and baked goods for lunch. Some people will be riding up from the Switch Bridge, departing promptly at 8:30 am. Moderate to fast riders only please - we don't want to miss the ferry! Please leave a message here if you are taking this option. If you are driving up and have room for extra people and bikes, please leave a message in the comments. There are a couple of buses Sunday morning: http://bctransit.com/victoria/schedules-and-maps/route-overview?route=70 Click "Jump to Schedule" and then "Sunday". The #70 is the express, takes about 54 minutes. The 72 is the milk run, taking 70 minutes. Only 2 bikes per bus so don't everyone plan on taking the same one! Best is to catch it at the beginning of the route on Government, beside the Legislature, to be sure you will get your bike on the bus. If you are driving up, consider parking free in Sidney and riding to the ferry instead of paying BC Ferries parking rates. If you are driving up and parking in the BC Ferries parking lot or taking the bus, please consult this map to get to where we will be waiting to buy you your discounted ferry ticket: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/10478264 So from where you get off the bus, follow the road South, away from the terminal, winding around and through the parking lot, then right on ramp out of the terminal, turn left at the first stop sign to cross the hwy overpass, then left again on Dolphin Road, then take the cyclists entrance through the fence on the left, then look right to see Simon's curmudgeonly face to buy your ticket : )

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