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Tier 1 Sundays: Introduction to Organized Play 5e D&D
TIER 1 Explorer's Guild/Adventurers League D&D • Sunday Mornings @ Gauntlet Games in University Heights Mall • 10:30-3:00(ish) PM We hold regular Tier 1 Sunday morning "drop-in" sessions at Gauntlet Games that are tailored for those beginning Adventurers League or Explorer's Guild play. By "drop-in" we mean you can come and go from week-to-week depending on your life schedule, as per AL character portability rules, but you still *MUST* RSVP to this event. Based on recent history our events will fill and have a waitlist, so only those who RSVP are likely to get a seat. Do not just show up and expect to play--you will probably be disappointed. Similarly, if you do RSVP yes and then can't make it, please remove your name so as to allow others to take your seat! Basic courtesy, right?! ;) Cost, as with all of our games, is $5/player/session paid to the DM upon arrival. You may play an existing or rebuilt Tier 1 AL legal character, or if you do not have an AL character or are new, you will simply select a premade character when you arrive and can then rebuild the character (by AL rules) to anything you want between sessions. What's so great about Adventurers League, you ask? Well let me tell you :) First, 5th Edition D&D finally has found the right balance between rule complexity vs. playability and role playing vs. tactical combat. 4th edition famously turned its back on role playing and made it into a tactical combat game like 40k. 3rd edition was so complex that hardly anyone actually used the rules properly, because no one could actually fully understand them. 1st and 2nd editions were confused and internally incoherent. 5th edition has finally learned from all these decades of past design mistakes and found the right mix. Second, AL D&D requires all play be only from officially published adventures and conducted according to 100% RAW (Rules As Written) 5th edition with no homebrew changes to the ruleset. This insures fair and consistent play for players and DMs alike. This level playing field allows.... Third, players can take and use their same character at any Adventurer's League game session, anywhere in the world! This solves two of the biggest hurdles for many would-be players: it lets you miss sessions with no consequences, permitting casual play on a drop-in basis, and it allows players to use their same character at different tables with different DMs, so long as it is an official Adventurer's League session. Busy schedules are no longer a barrier to playing D&D! To run a table under AL rules we need 3-7 players, and the adventure session must be grouped into one of the four level tiers: Tier I: 1-4 Tier II: 5-10 Tier III: 11-16 Tier IV: 17-20 Fourth, you can make unlimited changes to your low level tier 1 character between sessions, up until they reach level 5. This is called "rebuilding" and means you do not have to stress out about making poor character build choices while you are learning! You can also use this feature to try out different class/race/feat combinations to your hearts desire, and if you don't like it just rebuild your character before next session. All XP, treasure and other resources acquired are retained when rebuilding your character. This allows new players to learn the game without getting locked into a character that they eventually decide they don't like, and also lets experienced players experiment with different options and combos that keep the game fresh and interesting for them. AL characters must start at level 1. Any character of the appropriate level can play in any adventure of that tier. We will have a wide range of pregenerated level 1 characters available for you to choose on your first session, so just RSVP to the meetup event and roll in with dice and a pencil. After your first session you can then take that pregen character and rebuild it into anything you want following the AL character creation rules. To start exploring the official Adventurer's League go to their website here: Players who have never played D&D before are welcome to join us, however there is a steep learning curve at the start. Players may describe their character's actions in descriptive language and allow the DM to translate that into the rules, but to avoid new players slowing down the game for everyone else please read the Introduction and Part 2 of the Basic Rules, available as a free PDF download here: Finally, this group will have a policy of paying DMs. The standard rate will be a drop-in fee of $5/session/player to cover the time, effort and expenses that go into DMing. The goal of the group is to train and recruit a pool of DMs who can alternate between running games and playing. Another great benefit of official AL play is that the system rewards DMs by awarding them XP, gold, and even magic items! This way a DM's character won't fall behind their party's level if they take turns running games, one of the excellent features of Adventurer's League. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to post in the forum below....

Gauntlet Games - University Heights Mall

323-3980 Shelbourne St. Victoria, BC V8N 6J3 · Victoria, BC


What we're about

Past, present and future players & Dungeon Masters of the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons role playing game.

This group operates two alternative D&D 5e shared campaigns: Adventurers League (AL), which is the official shared campaign operated by Wizards of the Coast, and Explorers' Guild (EG), which is a 3rd party shared campaign designed to fix the many unpopular rule changes introduced in Season 8.

DMs who run tables for our group may choose which system to operate under: AL or EG.

Both EG and AL solve two of the biggest hurdles for many would-be players: they permit casual play on a drop-in basis, and it allow players to use their same character at any other table using the same set of shared campaign rules anywhere in the world. Busy schedules are no longer a barrier to playing D&D! Our group connects players with DMs who host both public and private games across southern Vancouver Island, promoting a variety of schedules and venues for players to choose from.

All our games require that play be conducted according to 100% RAW (Rules As Written) 5th edition with no homebrew changes to the rule set. This insures fair and consistent play for players and DMs alike.

Since skilled DMs are a valuable resource that is in high demand we also encourage that they be paid, to help induce advanced players to take on the DM mantle, and to compensate existing DMs for the considerable time and expense that goes into preparing to run a good campaign. Beginner DMs should start with a standard fee of $5/player per evening session, and more experienced DMs could potentially earn more. This group helps train and support a pool of skilled DMs in the Southern Vancouver Island region, thereby increasing the number of available play options for everyone!

Members who RSVP yes and no-show more than once will be placed on the bottom of the waitlist for all events for one week. For shame!!!

Mission Statement:
The Victoria Dungeons & Dragons 5e Organized Play Meetup is devoted to establishing the highest quality 5th Edition D&D play experience in all sanctioned events.

"Participants must conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the enjoyment of others."

- Fun for all is the overriding first principle.
- Fairness under the rules should guide each and every DM decision: DMs and players must strictly follow 5th Edition rules at all times. House rules and home-brew is strictly forbidden.
- Only meetup group members may participate in group sanctioned events.
- Meetup group members, both players and DMs, must comply with group policy and the decision of the Administrator.
- Voluntary or deliberate player vs. player conflict (PvP) is strictly forbidden in our sanctioned group play. Violators will be warned, and if the behaviour continues will be banned from membership and participation in group sanctioned events.
- A prospective DM that wishes to run sanctioned sessions must be certified by the Group Administrator and must abide by the Group regulations at all times.
- House rules/homebrew is strictly forbidden. We are here to play 5e D&D. DMs must strictly follow 5th Edition rules at all times: DMs are not D&D game designers and are not qualified, entitled or empowered to make changes to the game.
- DM adjudication only applies in situations where the rules are ambiguous. Where a clear rule exists, a DM may never contravene that rule. Many rules explicitly invoke DM adjudication, in which case the DM decision is final.
- The 5e rules are complex and not always clearly explained. DMs and players should always be learning and welcome rule clarifications from players or others.
- If a DM ruling is found to be in error (in contravention of a clear 5e rule and not merely a case of DM adjudication) then the DM should seek to correct the situation with the minimum change possible. Often it is sufficient to acknowledge the mistake and state how the rule will be implemented in the future. Mistakes are bound to happen, both players and DMs should accept them and use them as tools to better hone the mutual knowledge of the complex 5e rule set.
- Rule disagreements should never interrupt play. If disagreements threaten to halt play then the DM should make their best judgement at the time and keep play moving along. Later investigation can resolve the question and take corrective action if necessary.
- Adventurers League Administration shall be the final authority on AL regulations.
- Jeremy Crawford, through the Sage Advice Compendium, shall be the definitive authority on what constitutes official 5e rules.
- The Group Administrator shall be the final authority for all decisions relating to Victoria Dungeons & Dragons 5e Organized Play Meetup Group sanctioned events.
- All sanctioned events shall utilize some form of 5e compatible map and miniature combat system.
- Theater of Mind disproportionately handicaps certain classes or character build styles and should be avoided for combat in sanctioned group events. It is only permitted for use in combat when the circumstances make map & miniature use impractical (for example: extreme range combat, mobile chases, etc.).

Player Policy:
- players are free and encouraged to correct DM rule errors if and only if they are able to quote an official rule source that contradicts the DM ruling, and only if correcting the error does not significantly slowdown play. In the interests of keeping play moving along the DM ruling will be final.

DM Policy:
- The purpose of a D&D session is fun, collaborative story-telling. DMs play with not against the players.
- DMs must maintain a positive, supportive and fun relationship with all players at all times. Under no circumstances are DMs permitted to cultivate an adversarial relationship with players.
- Previous editions of D&D fostered an attitude that DMs were gods and dictators, changing the game and even the rules at will by DM fiat. This sometimes created an attitude that DMs played against the players, not with the players. This attitude is strictly forbidden from our group.
- DMs should approach the job as guides and teachers who help shape and craft the collaboration with the players, not as a tool to massage their ego.

Group Administrator:
- The Administrator is responsible for setting policy, overseeing group activities and resolving all disputes.
- The Administrator may certify and decertify DMs for running group sanctioned events.
- The Administrator, in consultation with the venue hosts and DMs, sets the schedule and decides what AL adventures will be run.
- The Administrator regulates membership admission and enforces group policy and regulations.

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