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This group is for anyone interested in open source search, logging, analytics, and data visualization. We primarily focus on these open source projects — Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats — but we welcome talks on any aspect of data exploration.

All meetup attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers, including the event organizing team, are required to agree with the following Code of Conduct (https://www.elastic.co/community/codeofconduct).

If you have any question post to our slack channel (https://elastic-victoria-user.slack.com).

The data analytics, machine learning and visualization software space is awash in change, and their communities are thriving. We are calling on the existing Victoria tech community and anyone else who would be interested in learning about the benefits of leveraging the ELK stack, whether you're someone from government or business, a dev, have your own startup, an angel investor, hobbyist, or just want to know what the value of ELK and Open Source is in general. Everyone and anyone is welcome.

Whether it's creating an industry standard dashboard from a Data BC file with drill down in 15 minutes, or detecting statistical anomalies and forecasting leveraging custom machine learning algorithms, or recognizing patterns in data gleaned from public APIs, ELK has it all. Google's Tensorflow is another tool we are using to improve machine learning in training neuronets and image processing, and we are interested in building the community around this tool as well. We're very interested in building the ELK and Elastic Search community, as well as the Open Source and machine learning communities, and working on building better applications and industry specific open source projects together.

Of course we are open to any type of contribution or demo of the technology you are using, as the goal is to grow the community as much as possible and be generally technology agnostic when possible.

The goal of this Meetup is to perform interactive and engaging demos and working sessions where we will demonstrate what using the ELK stack in conjunction with some supplementary open source modules is capable of in terms of raw power, speed, data visualization, machine learning, and much, much more.

Feel free to bring your own laptops and work on your own projects and show us what you are working on.

Thank you!

Elastic Search: https://www.elastic.co/products/elasticsearch
Kibana: https://www.elastic.co/products/kibana
Tensorflow: https://www.tensorflow.org/

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Best practice on cluster infrastructure, sharding, data with Sophia from elastic

Hi Elastic Fantastics! We are back in October to discuss about elastic! Sophia from ElasticSearch will talk about 'Best practice on cluster infrastructure, sharding and data' About Sophia: Sophia Xu lives in Vancouver Canada. She is a Support engineer at Elastic since January 2018 and has been in support role for most of her career. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jon or Alex or post a message! We are always looking for people to talk about open source, data, machine learning or any related topic, or if you want to share events like hackathon, or any events we want to help promote these types of events! We are looking forward to meeting you at Fort Tectoria! Alex and Jon

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Distributed Tracing with Elastic Stack and Zipkin

Fort Tectoria

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