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This group was created to bring together a community of people that are passionate about life and empowering others, creating healthier lifestyles, and embracing greater wellness and abundance in their lives. We’re envisioning an eclectic mix of meet-ups that promote fun and sharing of ideas as well opportunities for personal growth and empowerment. One of our primary meetup topics will be centered around essential oils, what they are and how to use them safely as well as monthly DIY classes for some hands-on fun and education on how to incorporate oils into your everyday living. Other meetups we’d love to incorporate include various classes and topics on personal growth and development, health and wellness, energy work, and just plain ole’ FUN times… BBQs, hikes, playdates at the park or beach, camping! Life is short and it’s all about finding people that resonate with your soul and inspire you. :)

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It's Games Night!

Iesha's House (Near Tyndall Soccer Field)


Saturday, June 1st - it's Games Night in Gordon Head! Time for our next Games Night!!! I have all sorts of board games like Munchkin, Tsuro, Catan, Carcasonne, Ticket to Ride and Cards Against Humanity. People often bring their favourites so we end up with an awesome selection! Food wise, brings snacks to share and your own beverages please. It's a $2 drop-in fee please to cover costs. Depending on numbers, I have extra tables that can be set up to coordinate different games going on. :) Can I please get some people to bring chairs/stools? Thanks! Can't wait! It's going to be a blast; hope you come join us :) ** Just a heads up that this is posted in 4 groups now and we usually end up with about 25-30 people - I have lots of room, so we're pretty spread out throughout the house * If the RSVPs are full for this group, please visit one of the others to RSVP: - Victoria Living with Passion and Wellness - Victoria Life Lovers - Victorian Gamers Group - 30's and Youthful 40's Group

Plant Based Cooking Class and Healthy Living

9300 Willingdon Rd

Recipes to help us be energized for the summer. We'll be making foods for a picnic, potluck or at home. Vegan dishes will be demonstrated and information presented on how to make healthy food choices. The event is free of charge, and in addition to learning how to prepare the various dishes, samples will be made available for you to try.

CarFreeYYJ--Volunteer with Victoria Healthy People

Needs a location

Event runs 11am-6pm Join us as we provide FREE health education to the community. All skill sets needed. Nurses and physicians for blood pressure monitors. We will have a draw for an INSTANT POT! Volunteer with Victoria Healthy People sign-up: Volunteer Time Blocks: 8am-11am Set Up 8am-6:30pm All day 10:30am-3pm Morning 2:30pm-6:30pm Afternoon Sign-up REQUIRED through EVENTBRITE so we know what time you are coming: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/volunteer-for-victoria-healthy-people-carfreeyyj-june-16-live-your-best-life-tickets-62249210063

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