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Christmas at Swanwick?
Shannon and I have been offered the use of Swanwick Centre (KECC) near Metchosin for a Nonduality Meetup over the Christmas holiday. I'm putting the question to all of the characters who are attracted to this stuff to see if there's any interest? We may be able to do a live skype session with one or more of the ND speakers, like Naho Owada, Jim Newman, Kenneth Madden, Andreas Muller, Ella May or 'teachers' like Francis Lucille or Darryl Bailey. Please reply with any dates your prefer?

Krishnamurti Educational Centre of Canada

538 Swanwick Road · Victoria (Metchosin), BC


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    Nonduality means "NOT-TWO."

    Nonduality is pointing to the idea that everything is one energy.

    Nonduality points to the illusory dream of “I” which seems to give the appearance of separation from life itself, and to the boundless freedom that has always been here, that never left and was never lost.

    The waves {characters} are not separate from the ocean (Existence).

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