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We are a club dedicated to getting outdoors. This club was started to fill a void here in the Victoria area for a club that allowed for a variety of events. The events are run by coordinators, and often allow for carpooling from a major transit stop. We will be running hiking, kayaking, cycling, paddling, backpacking, mountaineering, and almost any other kind of outdoor event you wish to suggest. Our events will come with a rating system, so that you will know what you're getting into. There will be a variety of events at different levels, so there should always be something upcoming of interest.

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What are the 10 Essentials?
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For anyone who is new to hiking or to our club, the '10 Essentials' (which we often list as required gear) includes everything that you should always have in your backpack to survive in case of an emergency when you are outdoors. Here's a good article from North Shore Rescue describing the 10 Essentials: http://www.northshorerescue.com/education/what-to-bring/

Basically, you need:

- a light

-a signalling device (whistle, etc)


-extra clothes

-a pocketknife

-shelter (garbage bags, emergency blanket, etc)

-food/water (high energy stuff)

-navigation devices (GPS, maps, compass)

-cellphone, with a charged battery and in a plastic bag (and a locator beacon is always useful)

VOC club information (new participants - please read).
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The Victoria Outdoor Club (VOC) is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization for adults, featuring outdoor activities, social events, and travel excursions in and around the Victoria area. The VOC's mission is to provide our members with fun experiences, the opportunity to network, and the ability to learn about and participate in local outdoorsy/active pursuits.

Visit VOC on facebook: https://www.facebook....
Members are welcomed to 'like' and contribute comments there.

MEMBERSHIP FEE POLICY: Members pay an annual $20 membership fee (January to Dec.) which allows them to carry a VOC membership card and to attend an unlimited number of events. (An added advantage of being a member is that we have a 15% discount on selected items at the downtown branch of Capital Iron). Note that membership fees are paid at events, rather than online. As a second option, members are also welcome to drop in to events and to pay the $2 fee. (The club executive collects and saves all fees toward building the club, including membership in the Federation of Mountain Clubs of B.C. $16.50 of each membership fee goes towards our membership in this organization).
*As of September of each year, new members are entitled to a 50% reduction of that year's fees, and pay $10 for a Sept-Dec membership

VOC WAIVER - As part of the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC, we use FMCBC's standard universal waiver (all of FMCBC's member clubs use this waiver). New members and drop in participants sign the waiver once on the day they attend their first event. *As of January 2016, members/participants will sign the waiver once yearly upon first participating in an event.

Trip emergency phone number list: each participant needs to sign the emergency contact list and provide an emergency phone number upon meeting at each hike. This is so that we have a number for you in the unlikely case of an emergency on the hike.

The VOC will host a variety of events every year, including regular hiking, camping, backpacking, and running trips or outings. We do also host occasional mountain biking, paddling, fishing, skiing, skating, and snowshoeing events - depending on event organizer experience and availability.
Socials - We host annual BBQ events, and other social events depending on event organizer interest/availability.

Members and participants are welcome to suggest other activities they may be interested in seeing us host.

All outdoor events will be listed according to our rating system to allow members to assess events within their capabilities. *If you are unsure of whether an event is suited to your current ability level, please contact the organizer of the event directly with any questions.

*Please note that a member's/participant's participation in an event is at the discretion of the event organizer-and multi-day trips require prior participation in shorter VOC trips.

Our rating system for hikes is as follows:

Level 1 - Easy event at introductory level; no past experience required. Example: A walk or hike less than 5 km with little or no elevation gain.
Level 2 - Moderately Easy - Some knowledge of event type required, but does not require experience. A little more physically demanding than Level 1. Example: a 5-8 km hike over fairly flat terrain.
Level 3 - Moderate - Some experience and knowledge of event type required. Some specialized equipment may be required. Example: an 8-12 km hike over hilly terrain, or a shorter than 8km hike in mountainous terrain.
Level 4 - Moderately difficult - Past experience at level 3 is required. Example: a day hike longer than 12 km over hilly terrain, or a 8 - 12 km hike in mountainous terrain
Level 5 - Difficult - Past experience at level 4 is required. Example: A hike longer than 12km in mountainous terrain.

EQUIPMENT EXPECTATIONS: Members/participants are expected to bring appropriate safety equipment to all events. They are also expected to wear appropriate outdoor footwear, such as hiking boots or sturdy shoes (or runners at running events). Minimalist footwear is not acceptable for hiking/running events. If any extra equipment is required, it will be listed on the event description. Event organizers are volunteers, and are not necessarily trained in first aid. are responsible for their own safety at all times.
Everyone is expected to bring proper gear on all hikes, and the 10 essentials are recommended (see following link):

EVENT RESERVATION POLICY: Event organizers choose participant limits (which differ from trip to trip) for specific reasons - ex. difficulty of the event, participant safety, and the organizer's personal preference. For these reasons, PLEASE do NOT come to an event for which you have not signed up! (Event organizers will usually be happy to offer the same event multiple times if there is sufficient interest. Please contact organizers if you are interested in a trip that is full).

"NO-SHOW" POLICY: Members are asked to make every effort to attend events that they sign up for. If extenuating circumstances prevent a member from attending an event, he/she is asked to notify the event organizer prior to the event's start-time. If members fail to notify the organizer, and fail to attend an event that they have signed up for, they will be listed as a "no-show" for the event in question. After receiving 3 "no-shows", a member may be removed from events at the organizer's discretion. After 5 "no-shows," a member will be removed from the VOC. Members are reminded that organizers time and effort into planning events and organizing carpools, and a last-minute change can impact many members.

Please note that VOC events are for adults only. If an event is child or family friendly, the event will be notated accordingly. Under no circumstances will children under the age of 18 be permitted to attend events without their parent(s). PET POLICY: Most VOC events are not pet-friendly, and those that are dog-friendly will be notated accordingly. Please do not bring your pet without contacting the event organizer for permission prior to the hike (This policy is in place due to safety issues with large groups of people and also due to ecology concerns and possible wildlife encounters).

CARPOOLING POLICY (to be followed for longer trips): Event organizers will calculate driving distance in advance, and maximum cost per car will be 40 cents per kilometre. (Passengers and drivers will split this amount between them). This policy is intended to adequately compensate and encourage drivers for the club. Trip participants will be notified in advance of the carpooling cost for longer trips.

For shorter trips, please bring $2-4 (depending on distance, event organizer may contact the group in advance) if you intend to carpool.

EVENT HOST/ORGANIZER POLICY: If you are interested in becoming an event host, please express your interest to a current event host/organizer, or to Chelsea R. Potential event hosts need to co-host at least 3 events with an existing club organizer before hosting their own events, and must follow VOC event guidelines. We are always recruiting event hosts.

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