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What we’re about

An inclusive community interested in the psychological and spiritual uses of psychedelics and plant medicines for healing and awakening.
We offer our shared knowledge and support to those who have had significant experiences with non-ordinary states of mind. We are learning about psychedelics and entheogens used in therapy, shamanism, journeying, and scientific research.
We can help each other discover integrate these powerful experiences into our lives. These integration practices may include sharing stories, meditation practices, finding counselling, and offering information and support.
An informational site on Entheogens and Psychedelics, Lincoln Stoller's writings on the transformational psychedelic experience is here:
The Canadian Psychedelic Association is worth their membership fee.

Ground Rules:
A safe and confidential place to talk and share.
This is not a place to purchase, sell, transfer or use any illegal substances. Membership:
Joining the group will require answering some questions about your goals and intentions.