What we're about

I'd like this group to become a regular round-table discussion/chat/meetup for Victoria and vicinity e-Commerce merchants, managers & professionals to talk shop. The purpose of this group is to develop our businesses, share ideas, discuss strategies, and talk to people who get excited (rather than glaze over) when we talk about e-Commerce. We'll get together to discuss various topics and issues that are unique to e-Commerce.

We are a mastermind group that discusses:

* E-Commerce

* Social Media

* SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

* PPC / Adwords

* Social Networking

* Affiliate Marketing

* Internet Marketing

* Small business

* Internet trends

* Growing your business

* Product launch

* Shopping Carts

* Shipping

* Importing/Brokering/Customs

We'll discuss selling things online using innovative strategies, as well as other good marketing principles. Please note: This is strictly a discussion group for people who make their living through e-Commerce, (or want to make their living online), both large and small. Whether you're a seasoned veteran, or internet newbie just thinking of starting an online business - you're a welcome visitor. Nothing is being sold or marketed at these meetups. If you just want to show up and pitch your company or services, then please don't.

Who this is for? Retailers, e-Tailers, Professionals in e-Commerce.

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