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Welcome to Video Game Development, Test & Review Club

We are grateful that you have come by. We have provided some details about our group below. Please note that we will be looking towards building and playing games.

Thanks for coming by -- Eric



1) Intro to club -

Video Game Development Club of Silicon Valley is dedicated to building and designing great games. We will explore what features work and what don't in games, The team will demo certain games for current and retro systems. That said, we don't want to only talk about great games, we want to build them so that we can play them. We are also starting on club YouTube channel along with a club blog so that we have a voice into games as we play them. We also have a GameTruck on site where we can play and test a lot of the latest games.

First 25 people to join and attend will receive an Amazon gift card. Thank you for participating and look forward to seeing you as part of the club.

2) Pre-requisites -

No skill is needed or required. We accept game players, developers, designers, architects of all levels. Everyone has talent, a willingness to learn is all that is required. We have a large library of learning content that can be understood. Along with the channel, we will create tutorials, reviews, video content and the group will fund better events through this method as a club funding source. This way we can continue to have better events. If we have left over funds, participatory members may receive prizes.

3) Learn together -

Our motto is that we should all learn together and grow together. As we continue to grow, I'm sure that some people will have different degrees of experience but all will always be welcome.

4) Team Effort -

All will have a role. Some will learn, some will code, some will create graphic designs. Those people who are good will turn into teachers, those that are learning will begin to help. Non-coders may also be able to help enhance game-play or test it.

5) Attendance Rules -

We are looking for folks that are able to accept to a meeting. We will notify if a meeting will not happen. If you are unable to attend, please request the minutes to stay up on activity.

6) Garage Location-

As our garage will initially be the host location, please be respectful of the house rules. We may move this if club receives donations.
-Clean up after yourself
-Be courteous

7) Requirement of Activity -

As it would be good to keep continuity, we want to build a program of participatory people. We will have events where we decide on what games to build, come up with requirements and launch them for ourselves.

8) Food & Drinks - BYOB -

Since we are all having fun together, this means that food and drinks will be brought together. We may have some refreshments when you come but it is more fun if all can bring. Don't worry if you can't.

9) Donate for better systems and environments -

As we get this going, we are always welcoming of donations. Hopefully the channel would take care of any system subscription costs going forward.

10) Leadership roles -

To ensure that the club works well, there will be certain leadership roles that members can take on to keep us moving. This will become published as we receive get more structure to the group and time goes on.

11) Personally offering rewards

Again - First 25 people to join and attend will receive an Amazon gift card. Thank you for participating and look forward to seeing you as part of the club.

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