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Live Internet TV Production System Demo
If you have wanted to create a TV Show or produce ready to use video content, come to this session to learn how to setup a live Internet TV service. Live TV Production Platform We will be using Vidblaster as a platform for this demo. You will see how to configure Vidblaster, connect cameras and microphones, learn switching basics, how to mixing audio, overlay graphics, and capturing live feeds. Rapid Promotional Video Production Using a live TV production platform can also be a great way to produce promotional videos quickly as you are creating the transition effects live instead of editing after recording. Cool Internet TV Production Video To see a video on how easy it is to setup and start producing your own Internet TV show, view this: Please Sign Up Now - Will Schedule Sooner if Interest is High We will schedule this demo in late November if enough people sign up.

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The Video Production and Marketing Raleigh Meetup group helps videographers, video editors, TV producers, online marketers, film makers, and other video related professionals to share video production, marketing, tips, and tools. We cover topics ranging from basic video production (semi-professional) to media rights &licensing. We invite leading experts to present key video production and marketing topics.

Session Topics:

- Simple Promotional Video Production
- TV Commercial Production
- Video Editing (local and cloud)
- Web Video Interviews
- Video Advertising Networks
- Second Screen TV Content
- Video Formats
- Audio Editing
- Stock Video
- Copyrights and Trademarks
- Transition Effects
- Interactive Advertising
- Video Production Equipment
- Social TV Services
- Unmanned Video Drones
- Talent Casting
- Shoot Planning
- Animation Tools

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