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The Video Production and Marketing Raleigh Meetup group helps beginner, intermediate and advanced videographers, video editors, TV producers, online marketers, film makers, and other video related professionals. We share video production, video marketing tips and video tools. Scheduled meetings cover video production topics members frequently request (call 919-578-6979). We invite knowledgable members and video professionals to share their video production expertise and marketing applications.

Session Topics:

- Audio Editing
- Avoiding Content Usage Conflicts
- Camera Selection, Usage & Resources
- Finding & Recruiting Crew
- Helping Local Not-For-Profits
- Local Networks and Networking
- Motion Graphics
- Pre and Post Production Planning
- Public Service Announcements(PSAs)
- Shoot Locations
- Simple Promotional Video Production
- Stock Video
- Studio and Field Production
- Transition Effects
- TV Commercial Production
- Understanding Video Technology
- Video Editing (local and cloud)
- Video Production Equipment
- Video Publications & Trade Groups

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Cloud Video Production - Successful Processes, Tools and Service

Needs a location

You are invited to attend the Cloud Video Production Meetup event on Tuesday night 28 Feb 2023.

Movie and TV Producers can use online cloud production, tools and services to create better content faster and at lower cost. While cloud production has its benefits, it requires new processes and skills and creates new challenges.

For example, online production tools use web browsers to perform advanced content selection and processing. Browsers on mobile devices intentionally limit their capabilities making it impossible to use some cloud production tool features on smartphones.

This event will help you to discover, learn and try new production tools and services.

This event is based on the experience from our TV Metaverse Show production. At this event, you will discover key types of cloud production tools, how they work and learn important practical tips on ways to use them.

Come to this section to learn & see what works, typical results and get lists of cloud production tools and services.

Location - To be Announced - Somewhere in or near Raleigh
Snacks and appetizers will be provided - Great Food!


Tim Bell - https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothy-bell-130519bb/

Lawrence Harte - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lharte/

If you have a meetup group topic to share or request, please contact me at [masked]

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Citizen Journalism - What Is It ?

Oberlin Regional Library