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What we’re about

This is a platform for all fans of classical music! I would like to bring (amateur) musicians of all classical instruments, but also those who just enjoy listening to classical music, together for various activities.

A few ideas what this platform could be used for:

- finding (classical) music partners for duos, trios etc. at all levels

- getting small groups of people together to visit classical concerts

- announcing interesting classical musical activities in and around Vienna

- sharing reviews of new CDs or other information on classical musicians you like

- ...

It would be great if you could update your profiles with the instrument(s) you play, if you are generally open to find music partners. Also, if you know of a musical activity or concert of any kind,  please feel free to suggest them any time, so that they can be announced here!

As I have spontaneously stepped in to save this group, I am of course very open to suggestions from members. Let us make this group into something we all enjoy!

(If you play the piano, have a look at the other local meetup group I organise: