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What we’re about

The Vienna Data Science Group [VDSG -] is a nonprofit association which aims to promote knowledge about data science methods/techniques and AI

In its focus are:

• Applications where these methods such as machine learning (ML) are used

• New research happening in this field like deep learning

• Impact on society e.g. the introduction of autonomous cars

The Vienna Data Science Group [VDSG] rests on four fundamental pillars.

• Knowledge sharing

• Education

• Impact on society

• Fostering of ideas for business applications

How do we bring that to life?

• Holding talks and seminars for knowledge sharing and networking
•  Organizing workshops bringing together companies, start-ups and data scientists
•  Doing hackathons to delve into various topics like Julia or machine learning
Networking with like-minded organizations
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  • AI Governance @ Iteratec
    iteratec GmbH, Wien, DO
    • Photo of Florian Thürk
    • Photo of Francesca Conselvan
    • Photo of Georg Heiler
    • Photo of Wolfgang 'Wulf' Weidinger
    • Photo of Zoltan C. Toth