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Digital Identity Vienna - Launch Event!

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Announcing our first event!

On Monday, February 11th at 630pm we will be hosting our inaugural event at RIAT (Neubaugasse 64-66/3/4, 1070 Wien).

The objective of the Meetup is to present and discuss the technical, business, legal, design and social implications of our rapid progress toward the digitization of identity (persons, organizations and things).

Our first event will be a technical focus, covering digital identities for devices and self-sovereign identity.

Digital Identities for devices and real-world assets
Industries are exploring several ways on how they are able to digitize and optimize their business processes and workflows. One major aspect is the usage of DLT to deliver transparency and trust between stakeholders. Key to all of these processes are identities no one can tamper with. This talk is about how to create this kind of identities. It will introduce to concept of device identities and why we need it and also address the requirements for such identities. So, that people finally trust in them.

Self-Sovereign Identity
Self-sovereign identity (SSI) has rapidly evolved from an idealistic concept to a working reality. Already in early 2019, we see an increasing number of companies across the globe building technologies for [in support of OR with] this new digital identity model. One of these companies is Jolocom, an SSI startup based in Berlin, Germany. Motivated by the promise and potential of a universal identity layer for the web, they will introduce their take on SSI and showcase the potential of their technology in a live demo. While their focus for SSI is on human users, their identity solution has been optimized for interoperability and aims to be blockchain agnostic in its fundamental architecture to enable an internet of blockchains that works across networks.

Agenda for the evening:

1. Introduction and objective of the Meetup
2. Jürgen Eckel, CIO, Riddle & Code
3. Kai Wagner, Partner Development, Jolocom
4. Wrap up, upcoming events
5. Networking
RIAT Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics
Neubaugasse 64-66 · Wien, Ne
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