Brainstorms ​​#7 - Neuromarketing

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Every 4th Thursday of the month until March 27, 2019

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An average person is exposed to approximately 3000 ads a day. In such a competitive environment, targeted advertising algorithms are just simply not enough to stand out from the crowd. Neuroscientists have long known that we make decisions unconsciously in thousandth of a second, only to justify our choice consciously seconds later, creating a sense of "I am in control". Do you have a free will when it comes to buying or is it possible to influence subconscious decision making processes to make you spend (more) money? Does the brain have a buy button?

In this edition, Dr. Peter Walla will show the techniques to better measure decision making, with a particular focus on how to get access to the non-conscious emotion-mind. As a second talk, Jelena Veinovic Stevanovic, who is interested in digital behaviour, will talk about how applied neuromarketing can be used to create a successful brand.

As the meetup gained quite some attention, we're introducing a 5€ entry fee to keep the event sustainable. But don't worry, in return you'll get a voucher you can use at the bar and some refreshments after the talks.

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6:30 pm Gate opening & Pre-drinks
6:50 pm Intro
7:00 pm Prof. Peter Walla
7:30 pm Jelena Veinović Stevanović
8:00 pm Startup spotlight w/ Pioneers (TBA)
8:15 pm Neuroscience News
8:20 pm Networking
9:30 pm End of Event