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This meet-up is for anyone interested in psychological type and the Jung/Myers-Briggs theory on personalities.

I've conducted workshops, training events and develop curriculum based on Type theory for almost 20 years and often see that there's a great deal of interest but few sources for information. The goal is to provide indepth Type information in a small group setting. Single parents, blended families, solo's...anyone that wants to learn is welcome to attend.

The internet is a blessing and a curse, much of the information available on personality types is based on the observation and classification of behaviors, and while this is a part of typing, it is a poor way to begin and leads to many mistakes in determining Type. I can show the science behind the theory and give you a rock-solid foundation to understand your Type and the Type of those around you.

This meetup will be educational wrapped in a social setting. I enjoy meeting and helping people, so we'll have a great time together and be sure to stick to the message of learning about Type. The delivery will be structured and scientifically/factually based. I will keep to what is real and true about the science, and will identify many of the common errors and misconceptions prevalent in the Type community.

We'll shoot for Mid September as the first meetup and see what interest there is adjust accordingly. Please contact me with your particular situation or desire so I can tailor the information to meet your needs.
1. Why are you interested and how do you want to use the information?
2. If this is about family, what difficulties are you trying to address?
3. Basic info on yourself is not required but very helpful.
4. Anything you believe is important to share.

If we do this right, you'll walk away with a solid understanding of Type and an entirely new perception of the world, how you're living within it, and how to go about navigating the future.

Please contact me if you need more details or have any questions.


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