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Welcome to the Viewport Frontend Meetup!

This group consists of 2 Meetups:
(1) The Viewport Frontend *monthly* Meetup meets every first Wednesday of the month, dedicated to exploring all the possible ways that we can build beautiful, intuitive, and useful apps that will charm and delight our users.
(2) A *weekly* Vue.js study group, from 5:30pm-7pm. If you are interested in frontend development, we study Vue.js weekly, which is very similar to React & Angular -- so come check us out! This study group is followed by our weekly WebApp-Builders Meetup from 7pm-9pm:

Some of what The Viewport Monthly Meetup includes:

• Front-end WebApp Development
• Mobile App Development (Hybrid & Native)
• UI/UX (User Interface, User Experience)
• Product Design
• Visual Design
• Product-based Marketing (social, other features built into product)
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Usability

Who is this Meetup for?
The Viewport Frontend Meetup is made up of developers, designers, and HCI professionals focused on making apps most engaging to our audience.

Our Meetup is for anyone interested in front-end software development: developers, designers, digital artists, product designers, those interested in user interface & user experience (UI/UX), product-based marketers, and those interested in human-computer interaction & usability. We love to delve into topics of UX and design, so if you are a designer or a product expert, please come and join the conversation with other enthusiasts and industry professionals.

We pride ourselves on being an open and inclusive group, and encourage a respectful dialogue, so if you are an industry professional or a beginner, please come join the conversation.

Our Background:
We are a group of full-stack developer who have been meeting for over 2 years, learning and sharing best-practices on WebApp full-stack development. This is an extension of the WebApp-Builders’ weekly Meetup: -or-

Why we chose the name Viewport:
Our Meetup is called the Viewport Meetup because of our interest in exploring any “viewport,” where users experience our product. We focus on building web-apps, hybrid apps, and native mobile apps: essentially, any "viewport" which are powered by our web-app APIs.

Software Development and Softer Skills:
Apps with a Sturdy Foundation & Beautiful Experience: At its core, this is a software development Meetup, where we work through projects, live-code, share presentations, discuss best-practices, and absorb new technologies together. However, as curious developers, we take the time every month to go further than improve our code, but we aspire to hone our softer skills where users really get to experience our products.

Thus, along with the hard skills of coding, The Viewport Meetup gives us a chance to focus on our user-behavior oriented skills. We have speakers and industry experts give presentations on the “softer side” of software development, where we can learn about design, usability, and user-experience.

On the technical side, some of the front-end technologies we will cover include...

• React
• React Native
• Angular
• Vue.js
• jQuery
• Elm
• Bootstrap
• Foundation
• Electron
• Ionic
• Phone Gap
• Cordova
• Native application building
• and many more...

The Viewport Meetup focus on both building with these tools, and taking a user-focused approach to crafting our apps into products that are useful to, and are loved by, our users.

Thanks to our hosts, The L.A. Stage Alliance, we have a large projector where we code, coffee and tea, and plenty of free parking.

** The is not a place to pitch your business ideas, nor for recruitment.

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