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Viktor Frankl’s meaning-centred approach to human living is known as ‘logotherapy’, where ‘logos’ is translated as ‘meaning’. Logotherapy extends beyond psychotherapy. Its aim is to orient a person toward the true, the good and the beautiful; to nature, culture, and art; to meaning, in other words. It is a practical and profound philosophy from which everyone can profit, containing within itself the perennial wisdom of the ages. The subject of meaning is universal and everyone can benefit from finding meaning and fulfilling purpose, thereby flourishing. Logotherapy is a method that clarifies the concept of meaning; it is a philosophy of life and is addressed to us all. What the Institute offers in the training programme is a body of knowledge from which lay people and professionals alike can benefit – one not found in any other field of psychology or psychotherapy. The principal insights and ideas of logotherapy, as a philosophy of meaning, can be integrated by everyone everywhere.

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One Year Diploma in Logotherapy (accredited by Vienna)
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