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What we're about

Locality based group for Data studies from sourcing to applications through analytics and visualization. For experts and novices both. Small meetups (usually) every Sunday 6 PM - 8 PM on specific topics, if some one comes forward to take lead.

Data is bewildering!
Data is also bewitching!!
Empowering and Enlightening... but also enslaving and deceptive...
A tool that could be sometimes in the wrong hands...
A pillar of democracy... and of dictatorship too....
Data is all around us. And we all are trying to rein in data...
Through science, through technology, through incisive analysis and innovative presentation, through persistent hunting down and mining, scouring and scraping, by opening it up to all... we are trying to make data work for us!
This meetup will try to understand all these aspects of data, and forge a spirit of symbiotic learning.
We will take up one of the following broad streams in successive meetups: 1. Sourcing 2. Analytics
3. Visualization and Interfaciing 4. Applications.

Of course, I can daydream a lot. The outcome depends upon you, the members! Thanks.

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