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It takes a village to raise a child, so why are we all so alone? Between work, daycare, meals, baths, homework, and extracurriculars, many of us are barely hanging on, let alone taking care of ourselves or feeling confident that we're providing the best life for our children that we can. This group is meant to offer all the support parents need. Not "thoughts and prayers" support or getting together to talk about things that are hard, but real-life, useful support.
First of all, child care is basically a nightmare that we all deal with until our kids are old enough to be left alone. Find a place, a place with a good program, a place you can afford, a place close to home. Then you're a half hour late one time in three months and you're politely charged an extra $30 for traffic that screwed up your own day. Your child gets sick and your boss still expects you to get to work, but there's no one that can watch your child and your head threatens to explode with the question, "What now?" And what if you're sick? Who's watching your child? Or what if you have to take an evening class? Or maybe you just want a little time to yourself? After paying for basically any child care in Howard County, babysitting or any kind of drop-in or evening care is completely unaffordable. Even if you find a place that works with your budget and your schedule, what happens when you realize your child needs a preschool curriculum, but your income is just a little too high to get it free and a little too low to afford anything offered privately?
Speaking of providing the education your child needs, do you ever wonder if you're missing important aspects of parenting? Do you wonder if there's advice out there that could help with some of those phases that every kid goes through? (Hitting, kicking, biting, tantrums, nose-picking, 'NO', the dreaded potty training, hands in pants, learning hiccups, the list goes on and on.) Do you wish you could have some time to talk to other parents or even professionals about what's going on in your child's life and whether you should be concerned or how to change or deal with the behavior?
Do you wish you could prepare healthy dinners every night, but it feels like McDonalds is just so much easier?
Do you wish there was some way to expend their energy and get them to go to sleep at night?
Do you wish that parenting wasn't so stressful and demanding that you can barely even enjoy the good times you get with your child?
This group is meant to relieve the stress by sharing the responsibilities. Let's share the responsibility of child care, dinner, child education and parent education. Lets be the village that raises our children.

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