Breakfast w/ Ryan McKillen - Head of NYC Software Engineering at Uber

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Ryan McKillen ( is heading up the NYC new software engineering office at Uber ( Ryan joined as Uber's 3rd employee and recently relocated to New York after four years with Uber in San Francisco.

Ryan taught himself to program as a kid, received some "advice" that "all software jobs will be outsourced to India". He studied accounting, became a CPA, course corrected to focus on software engineering.

Ryan has gone through doing anything and everything during Uber’s insane first year and specializing in rider payment and international expansion during (a still insane) second year.

He’s looking forward to the challenge of surviving his first east coast winter.

Village Tech Breakfast:

We'll do a round of introductions, followed by another round of questions where everyone gets to ask a question. It's fun fast and interactive. Then we'll hand out as long as people like.


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