Golang Meetup #3

Vilnius Golang
Vilnius Golang
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Lvovo g. 25 · Vilnius

How to find us

Business center "Burės", 8th floor.

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Hey Gophers!

New year, new meetup! (probably not the best slogan though).


1. Advanced Testing with Go [LT]

Povilas Versockas / Engineer @ Uber (http://uber.com/)

This talk will be about writing tests in go. We will look over the go testing framework and will see some advanced tips and tricks suggested inBen Johnson, Mitchell Hashimoto and Andrew Gerrand work.

2. Intro to GO performance [EN if requried]

Gediminas Morkevičius @l3pp4rd (https://twitter.com/l3pp4rd) / Senior Software Engineer @ DATA DOG (http://data.dog/)

Going through a simple web server implementation performance details and demonstration.

3. Go and Plan 9 [EN]

Jonas A / Swedish lecturer @ Vilnius University

I will talk about the relationship between the Plan 9 operating system and the Go programming language. They share many common ideas, which is not so surprising given common developers, e.g. Rob Pike, Ken Thompson and Russ Cox. I also will also show how to crosscompile the toolchain to run under Plan 9 on Rasberry Pi.

Elevators might be locked after 5PM. Call [masked] (Povilas) if you'll face any problems reaching the place.