Golang Meetup S02E01

Vilnius Golang
Vilnius Golang
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Lvovo g. 25 · Vilnius

How to find us

Business center "Burės", 8th floor.

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New Vilnius Golang season is here! Join us and watch the new episode live!

Drinks and pizza will be provided by Uber.


1. JSON+Go in practice

Aurelijus Banelis / Software developer at NFQ (http://www.nfq.lt/)

Practical tips and tricks using JSON to communicate between Golang and not Golang services.

Pluses and minuses of using JSON for testing and debugging.

2. NATS pub-sub daemon packed inside your application

Valdas Petrulis / Blockchain engineer at MysteriumNetwork (http://www.mysterium.network)

Here at www.mysterium.network (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mysterium.network%2F&h=ATNc2EllWf_g_ZZBSpYQlOpcvR2zxsjLJKS75KyMCWAgBYVrdhmNshU4BJ8YtspAOgj5luknk1NFzd2PWAnIB_FQYM-y9rksseczOa_2bCs4bABSOoahcpk5V6p9lKkFoRw) creating decentralized network of nodes. Which will be distributed all over the world and talk with each other thru network, no API, no database.

Valdas is multilingual engineer for over 14yr, currently building Core team to tackle challenges of decentralized system. Very passionate about Golang in main stack as lightweight, multi-thread and cross-platform tool.

3. TBA

Contact us if you'd like to talk in this or upcoming meetups!

4. Drinks && pizza && chat


Call [masked] (Povilas) if you'll face any problems reaching the place.