Vilnius Rational Thinkers Meetup #13: Ethics by Schopenhauer #2 vs Nietzsche

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Last time I did not finish to speak about ethics by Schopenhauer, so in this meetup I will finish my interpretation of his ideas and I will compare them to what Nietzsche was thinking regarding ethics.


This group was born 2014 November, after few random people met and shared some of the best ideas they have discovered in their lives.

I was discovering the essence of existentialism during the summer of 2014 and had few people around me who had caught the same essence. Authors like Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Spinoza and Kant have found very unique, interesting and different point of view looking towards life and their ideas have affected me a lot (though, not all of them are existentialists, I have to admit, that I see strong influences among all of them).


Purpose of this group is pretty egoistic. Some people share some of the best ideas they have discovered to the rest of the group (in rational way), and group members are here to challenge and consume those ideas (if they want). We are here to share, contribute, understand, challenge and respect, but not to fight or compete.

What is rational thinking?

It is more about the way of thinking where reasoning is an absolute and not about the scope of subjects of attention. And again, this is a group of strictly rational thinkers. Spirituality, supernatural forces, emotions and religions, indeed, can be discussed here, but with a reasoning and critical mind .


Here are some rules to keep in mind:

• Focus on quality over quantity/fun.

• Meetup starts strictly on time, 7pm. Talks will start 7.03pm.

• Meetup is limited to 1 hour sharp, so we will finish at 8.03pm. Of course, everyone is free to stay longer if they feel so.

• We are here to share, contribute, understand, challenge and respect, but not to fight or compete.

• Discussions are strictly subject oriented. Anyone is free to socialize and have off-topic discussions before or after the meetup.

• Everyone is welcome to come over, either as a listener, or a participant. Age, gender, education, race, nationality, sexual orientation, etc doesn't matter here. You will not be asked any personal questions.

• Discussion language is Lithuanian, however, if there will be at least one non-Lithuanian but English speaker, we will switch to English.

• Discussion topics are suggested by participants of the meetup. If you have a will to set a course of a discussion for the next time, let me know, and I will consider that.

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Ideas for next meetups

• What is Übermensch and can you become one? (Justas)

• Different interpretations of justice & morality: utilitarianism (Jeremy Bentham, J.S. Mill), libertarianism (Robert Nozick), liberalism (John Locke), supreme principal of morality (Immanuel Kant), etc. (Justas)