Vilnius Tech Leads - The Agile One

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Vinted HQ

Zirmunu 70, 7 floor · Vilnius

How to find us

You can find venue at Žirmūnų 70. Find the former Dviratis+ bike shop, check the entrance on your right with Vinted logo. Choose the left-most elevator. Tap the “7 floor” button.

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The theme for the first meetup of our third season: agile.

Everyone's heard of agile. But most have a differing opinion of what it actually means and helps achieve. Let's share our experiences with agile, how we understand it and implement it. Here's who are going to tell their stories:

Vadim Lysenko (Head of Software Development @ 4finance)
Audrys Kažukauskas (CTO @ HomeToGo)
Vasilij Savin (Lead Agile Coach @ Genius Sports)

See you there!

If you'd like to speak at this or a future Vilnius Tech Leads meetups, message one of the organizers or email mindaugas at vinted dot com.