Vilnius Tech Leads - The One with What Not to Do

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Vinted HQ

Zirmunu 70, 7 floor · Vilnius

How to find us

You can find venue at Žirmūnų 70. Find the former Dviratis+ bike shop, check the entrance on your right with Vinted logo. Choose the left-most elevator. Tap the “7 floor” button.

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The theme for the third meetup of our third season: what not to do.

Mistakes. We all make them. You came to a bunch of meetups where people gave you advice on what do to and how to improve. Time to talk and hear stories about the opposite:

Mindaugas Pelionis (Product Manager @ Kesko Senukai Digital)
Ramūnas Keizikas (Group Director @ Adform)

See you there!

If you'd like to speak at this or a future Vilnius Tech Leads meetups, message one of the organizers or email mindaugas at vinted dot com.