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Vilnius.js Meetup September 2018
Hello, js devs, let's start a new season of JavaScript meetups in Vilnius! Thanks to Nikas Praninskas and Hostmaker for bringing a talk that is also going to be given at and to Vytenis Butkevičius for sharing a hands-on session he previously gave internally at Wix. 18:30 Drinks and snacks 18:45 Nikas Praninskas - Move over, Gatsby - React Static in Practice 19:30 Vytenis Butkevičius - Optimizing apps with code splitting 20:15 Drinks, food and discussions Abstract: Move over, Gatsby - React Static in Practice What do you do when you have over 700 unique localised pages for SEO, an aggressive deadline and a well-known mainstream solution? Use a small unknown framework instead, of course. React Static is an extremely simple and flexible static site generator and I will tell you all about it. Abstract: Optimizing apps with code splitting Today with so many frameworks, libraries, ready made UI libs we can craft front end apps very fast, the downside of this is that we can also make them bloated very fast. In my talk I'll look into one of the most effective ways to reduce the bloat - code splitting. This will be a practical, hands on presentation where we'll go through: benefits of code splitting, how to diagnose the bloat in apps bundle, how to do code splitting with webpack, how to modularize react and redux app for dynamic loading. We'll start with the basics and go into more advanced techniques, so that everyone from beginner to experienced developers can take away something new. Bio: Nikas Praninskas ( Senior front-end engineer and a team lead at Hostmaker. Nikas ships products, solves difficult problems and delivers quality code. Bio: Vytenis Butkevičius ( Front-end engineer at Wix working on social apps like blog, forum and groups. Vytenis is passionate about web performance and is always looking for new ways optimize apps. Currently working with React stack, but given a chance he likes to write programs with vanilla js. In free time Vytenis enjoys working on side projects, learning new things and spending time outdoors.

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