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Shahar Talmi will give the first talk "Building large scale Angular applications":

Building a large scale Angular application has been the subject of many articles discussing different directory structures and ways to organize your project. In this talk, we will explore a different approach to this problem and we'll discuss how a large application can be broken into multiple isolated applications and the benefits to be gained by it.

Nikas Praninskas is giving the second talk "Web Components: the near future of Web Development":

Web development, as it stands today, is often considered to be hacky and somewhat broken. Web Components is a set of technologies that promises to fix a lot of the crazy problems we face. The aim of this talk is to introduce and explore this brave new world of saner web development. We'll look at what the future might look like and what kind of challenges await on the road there.

Shahar Talmi ( After the usual 8200 army service in Israel, start up co founding, and vp r&d'ing - Shahar is now a full-stack architect, leading Wix Angular and client infrastructure. Being 1 of only 40 Angular collaborators worldwide (and the only one in Israel!), Shahar wakes up and goes to bed with his beloved framework. Currently lecturing, teaching and coding at Wix R&D, Shahar is also a cat lover and an amateur wrestler.

Nikas Praninskas ( After a two-year stint as a full-stack enterprise Java developer, Nikas is now a front-end developer at the Wix App Market team. Angular developer by day, language-agnostic programmer by night, Nikas is always interested in new and upcoming technologies.