Vilnius.js August 2017

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This season the span of topics at Vilnius.js extends beyond frontend. Vilius from ( will present various coding practices of building a Node.js framework. Osvaldas from Inventi ( will focus just on unit naming.

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18:00 food and drinks
19:00 Vilius Lukošius ( talk "Building a Node.js Framework and Staying Sane"
19:30 questions and answers and a break
20:00 Osvaldas Grigas ( talk "Name Stuff"
20:30 questions and answers and a goodbye


Building a Node.js Framework and Staying Sane
For past 2 years I was building a Node.js-based framework that enabled Wix engineers to build apps and microservices on Node.js. What started as an experiment is now an even player rivaling our long-standing JVM-based infra. I want to tell you both a story on how it came to be, share patterns and practices that I would repeat again and some that I would consider carefully if starting all over.

Name Stuff
As you know, naming stuff is one of the two hard things in Computer Science. And we fail at it every time we create another Manager or Service, or when we follow "framework conventions". Those of us living in OOP world desperately need better abstractions. And Functional Programming is no panacea since we still need DDD practices to guide our design. Regardless of your background, this talk is designed (pun intended) to help you improve your names and naming habits. No need to reinvent the wheel - we will steal ideas from Eric Evans, Uncle Bob, Kent Beck and other experts.


Vilius Lukošius
Guild Master @ Wix with experience in different roles and companies (enterprise, start-up, you name it). No matter how much life/circumstances are pushing me to lead/management roles, I always find ways to come back and keep on hacking.

Osvaldas Grigas
A polyglot, cross-paradigm, skeptical programmer who mostly talks about himself in third person. He facilitates Coderetreat workshops, leads Vilnius Clojure User Group and frequently speaks at various meetups, conferences, lectures, camps, pubs.