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Vilnius.js Meetup May 2018

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Didžioji g. 28 · Vilnius

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go to third floor

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Last meetup this season and a second meetup in a row without talking about front-end web development. Jaro Šatkevič is going to answer what is a blockchain system and where JavaScript can be used when developing one. Vilius Lukošius will talk about how he uses Lerna to maintain 120+ NPM modules and how you should use it too for your 2+ module monorepo.

18:30 - Gathering, drinks and food
19:00 - Jaro Šatkevič - JavaScript in BlockChain
19:40 - ticket to give-away
19:45 - Vilius Lukošius - Managing a 120 module NPM monorepo and staying sane

Abstract: JavaScript in BlockChain
Last year, with Bitcoin's all time high and thousands of ICO developments, Blockchain became quite hot topic. This talk is a short overview of Bitcoin and Ethereum, what kind of development is possible there, what kind of JavaScript libs are available there and in what kind of projects is JavaScript most popular in Bitcoin and Ethereum communities. You can look at this talk as a short introduction to possibilities for JavaScript developers in Blockchain world.

Abstract: Managing a 120 module NPM monorepo and staying sane
For couple of years I was building infrastructure to enable developers building node-based apps/services. From the birth it was designed to be modular - which is nice on paper, but not so great in a ecosystem that does not have built-in capabilities to manage multi-module projects. So tooling had to be built. And rebuilt. Three times. I will walk you though history, evolution and current state of what we have and how we manage the beast.

Bio: Jaro Šatkevič (
For the last 20 years Jaro was managing IT projects, building products and running startup companies. He has experience in designing intranets, social networks and business management apps as well as experience in managing developers teams. From 2013 Jaro is actively looking over bitcoin and blockchain innovations. In 2017 together with partners they have founded blockchain consulting company Blockvis and are actively developing solutions for various blockchain startups and ICO projects. Jaro is also participating as technical blockchain advisor in a few projects and is the creator of JaroCoin ( - first Initial Time Offering. From April 2018 he has tokenised all of his time and is able for hire only by JaroCoin holders.

Bio: Vilius Lukošius (
Guild Master @ Wix with experience in different roles and companies (enterprise, start-up, you name it). No matter how much life/circumstances are pushing me to lead/management roles, I always find ways to come back and keep on hacking.

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