Vilnius.js Meetup December 2018

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Didžioji g. 28 · Vilnius

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take the elevator to the third floor and follow Wix logo

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Hello dev! Long time, no meetup. Since Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript (JS), very officially announced that "JS will die hard." (, we will have a talk this cold December 13th evening. After that - back-end stuff - GraphQL again, but this time stack, instead of

Congratulations to Oded Soffrin, Noam Neeman and Domas Bitvinskas on deciding to give back to community!

18:00 - food, drinks, networking
18:30 - Oded Soffrin and Noam Neeman - WebAssembly - is the future of the web written in C++?
19:15 - Domas Bitvinskas - Best kept secrets for 2019: GraphQL + Prisma
20:00 - hang out in a pub - Šnekutis, Šv. Mikalojaus g. 15

Abstract: WebAssembly - is the future of the web written in C++?
WebAssembly is not some buzzword that’s just getting tossed around a lot. Lately there’s been a couple of exciting utilisations of this new browser spec. But what is WebAssembly really? What is it solving? What are it’s usages? And perhaps most importantly, should we all dust off those C++ books?

Abstract: Best kept secrets for 2019: GraphQL + Prisma
You've spent years perfecting your REST setup just to throw it out. Now you're one of the cool people spending countless hours on your overly complex GraphQL resolvers. If you're in search for a better developer experience - Prisma might be the answer. It's a fresh data-layer to build high-performance GraphQL servers that will dominate JavaScript ecosystem in 2019. And I'll tell you why.

Bio: Oded Soffrin (
Oded is working for Wix as a FED for about 4 years. He is a natural born developer, focusing on web development in the last decade.

Bio: Noam Neeman (
Noam is also working for Wix.

Bio: Domas Bitvinskas (
Maker, startup fanatic and a co-founder of a business transparency startup Honestive. Domas led developer teams, worked with the greats of Nordic startup scene and spent years travelling as a digital nomad. He is passionate about modern open-source businesses and spend every waking moment building them.