Vilnius.js Meetup September 2019

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116 people going

Share: 2nd office

Didžioji g. 28 · Vilnius

How to find us

take the elevator to third floor and go right, to the direction of a round-shaped glass-walled auditorium

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Hey, dev! Another school year, same topic - React. The practical tales will be told by Henrikas Kuzmickas from Wix and Dalius Dobravolskas from BALTO trader/ZOOMBOOK. Email usergroup if you want to give a talk about some other library or even something other than a library!


18:30 - doors, food, drinks
19:00 - Henrikas Kuzmickas - Eloquent Code With React Hooks
19:45 - Dalius Dobravolskas - Metai su React
20:30 - hangout

Abstract: Eloquent Code With React Hooks

Hooks are great. They bring some much-needed functionality to React that enables us to write code that is cleaner, more readable and more performant. In this talk, we’ll explore how to do just that.
The presentation will consist of three parts:
1. The basics. An introduction to hooks and practical examples of how they can help with everyday tasks.
2. State management with hooks. Building our own redux, that’s easier to use and doesn’t require any 3rd party libraries.
3. GraphQL and hooks. Tips and tricks to reducing massive amounts of boilerplate that Apollo generates.

Abstract: Metai su React

Taip jau išėjo, kad per paskutinius 10 mėnesių nemažai dirbau su React. Darbe ir prie asmeninio projekto Card-a-mon. Taigi bandysiu pažvelgti, ką dariau, kad programavimas React būtų kuo sklandesnis ir paprastesnis, ką išbandžiau, kas patiko ar nelabai ir t.t. Taip pat pabandysiu palyginti React su alternatyvomis.

Bio: Henrikas Kuzmickas (

Software engineer at Wix. Spends his days working with React and all the other frontend buzzwords.

Bio: Dalius Dobravolskas (

Full stack developer at BALTO trader working on ZOOMBOOK using Python and JS. Dalius is passionate about performance and quality in software development. In free time Dalius enjoys board games, photography and social dances.

Email usergroup if you want to give a talk or host a meetup