Vilnius.js Meetup February 2020

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Quadrum South

Konstitucijos pr. 21 · Vilnius

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5th floor in Konstitucijos ave. 21B

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New decade is a perfect reason to take a break, skip the January meetup, start making event posters and start using emojis! Yay! 🤖

Andrey Los brought by Revolut will introduce things JavaScript AST enables - from linting and codemods to code generation and bundle size optimization. 🤯 Viktor Nareiko will answer whether Flutter - UI toolkit for Dart, which compiles to native and web - is ready for production. 🤔

Auditorium sponsored by Revolut. Hosts kindly asked everyone, except the organizers, not to take photos in the meetup venue or nearby offices. 📵


18:30 - doors, food, drinks
19:00 - Andrey Los - How AST tools can save your day
19:45 - Viktor Nareiko - Flutter as alternative for cross-platform mobile application development?
20:30 - hangout

Abstract: How AST tools can save your day

Andrey will explain what AST is, will show multiple AST parsers, then will present using real-life examples, how we, at Revolut, are saving a lot of time by utilising tools like ESLint, babel-codemod, graphql-codegen for code analysis, bundle size improvements, boilerplate code generation, and how you can write one too.

Abstract: Flutter as alternative for cross-platform mobile application development?

When we are talking about cross-platform mobile application development in most cases we have in mind React Native, NativeScripts or Xamarin. During the last year Flutter started gaining popularity in mobile application development. The idea behind Flutter is that you write Dart code which is ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled to native code. Additionally, Dart can be just-in-time (JIT) compiled. This comes in handy during the development phase, because it enables Flutter sub-second hot reload on mobile devices that speedup development process. Flutter ships with a bunch of pre-configured widgets (buttons, lists and other) and it is also possible to build more complex widgets depending on needs, but is it ready for production?

Bio: Andrey Los (

Senior Software Engineer at Revolut. 6+ years of experience, passionate programmer, GraphQL evangelist, speaker, developer tooling maniac, tenor, F1 fan.

Bio: Viktor Nareiko (

Viktor Nareiko is an experienced Software Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. For the past few years worked as a front end developer at international company mostly with ReactJS. Righ now, working on experimental mobile application by using Flutter as a cross platform UI software development kit.

If you would like to give a talk or host a meetup, email usergroup at vilniusjs dot lt. 🦸‍♀️️🦸‍♂️️ For topic ideas, read