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661 W Lake St 3NE · Chicago, IL

How to find us

We are located on the third floor

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It's Vim Golf night!

We'll mob program through a few holes of Vim Golf together, and hopefully pick up a few new tricks.

What's VimGolf?

We'll work through some challenges on vimgolf.com. Here's how VimGolf works: sign in with Twitter, install the client with RubyGems, run the setup instructions, and input the ID of the challenge you'd like to try. Each challenge begins with a start file and an end file. The goal is to complete the required edits in the least amount of keystrokes.

When you finish a challenge, your solution will be evaluated and your score will be calculated. You can then choose to submit your score to the leaderboard, or try again.

Once you're on the leaderboard, you can see the solutions for the players who finished the challenge in a few keystrokes less than you did. Study their solutions, try again, and move up!


If you have a laptop, bring it. Then:

- Sign in with Twitter
- Install the VimGolf CLI

The course

18 holes:

1. VimGolfNight (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/521c805d860021000200007d)

2. Append semicolon after expressions (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/4fc9d767d3a0d4000100000e)

3. Let's play some Ivmgolf (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/50ae009b65b8db0002000047)

4. Switch function arguments (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/4fcccb70024f950001000026)

5. Stairs indenting (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/508fe9f57acca60002000037)

6. Make it more readable (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/4ef209ef78702b0001000019)

7. Reverse and double space (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/4fa085222037000001000045)

8. Reverse simple deletion (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/4d1db1b8de2f897c2a00014a)

9. Alphabetize the directory (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/4e5ec5851836e0000100003e)

10. Words in parens (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/5192f96ad8df110002000002)

11. Quotes inside quotes (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/51f4a64c6813e30002000018)

12. Word frequency alignment (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/50f3c2d55c891f0002000002)

13. Nato phonetic alphabet (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/50502d985cfbf50002000022)

14 .Reverse characters in a line (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/4d1aaf2fb11838287d000036)

15. Numbering a list (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/4d716c76919202611400002b)

16. Printable ASCII characters (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/50b1517e9aad890002000004)

17. Flip the chessboard (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/50b375efd028d90002000050)

18. Readable Rubyhash (http://vimgolf.com/challenges/50b5266f448d770002000106)

Thank you to Vim London (http://www.meetup.com/Vim-London) for this Meetup idea!

Complete with pizza, beer and soft drinks, vinyl record playing, and text powning fun.

Banner photo by Courtney Prather via Unsplash


Vim Chicago Meetup Information

Food and drinks are always provided. Plan on coming between 5:30-6:30 PM to grab a bite and a seat. Meetup will being promptly at 6:30 PM. If you arrive after 6:30, please call[masked] to access the building.

Vim Chicago is always looking for speakers. Fill out this form if you'd like to speak:


Vim Chicago talks are not recorded, unless requested by the speaker in advance.

Official site: http://vimchi.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/vimchi