What we're about

To describe the interested of this group in the fewest words possible, do you ever feel like you should have grown up in the 50's ? I know I do sometimes. If your into vintage cars, vinyl records, mopeds/vespas, old school tattoo art, or any other vintage & hip topics this is the group for you. I figured it would be fun to create a group where people with the same interests could meet up for example, I'm dying to go to a vintage car show, my dream is to own an old bel air someday, I'm 25 years old.. Who the heck do I know that likes vintage cars, nobody lol. So it would be great to get together for meetups at car shows, if anyone owns a scooter/moped go on rides, social meetups at different pubs, bowling, etc. Anything related to old music, old cars, old tattoos, movies, I am down.

Past events (2)

The Ottawa Vintage Show

Ottawa Convention Centre