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Join me for all levels Yin and Vinyasa Flow yoga classes on a Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon from November onwards @ Hall Place Sports Pavilion, Bexley.

Feel invigorated and happier through gentle, breath connected movements to release tension and negative energy that's built up in the body. Classes will consist of intention setting, physical postures (asanas), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. I also enjoy sharing the spiritual, philosophical and energetic aspects of yoga with my students so that they can embody the full benefits of yoga both on and off the mat. Modifications to postures will be offered so that you can choose an intensity level that suits you best.

Yoga is deeply nourishing for our physical and mental wellbeing, allowing us to calm the hectic mind space and enter into a deeper place of inner stillness. Emphasis will be placed on the breath to ground ourselves into the present moment, replenish our vital life force (prana) and encourage tension to melt away.

++Yin Yoga++ gentle, grounding, slow. Yin yoga primarily works the connective tissue in our body, opening the joints and increasing flexibility. Postures (mostly floor based) are held for 3 to 5 mins to stimulate the meridian lines (energetic pathways) within the body that allow the flow of Chi (life force).

++Vinyasa Flow++ dynamic, breath-synchronized movements co-ordinated to build strength, flexibility and vitality in the whole body.

Please register your interest and watch this space for upcoming classes.


Megha x

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