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*🌈We’re an all inclusive group\

If you’re not sure what skates to get, check out this article!
A little about me...
My names Kirstey. I love meeting new people!
I’m a big fan of anything that has to do with self expression/art form. I try to stay busy with new and old hobbies.
To name a few...
• Dancing
• Roller Skating - of course!
• Piano & Guitar
• Plants & Flowers / Gardening
•Craft cocktails/cooking
•Interior Design

I have a background in ballet. I danced off and on from age 5-16.
I fell in love with skating and the skating community a couple years back decided to try my hand at teaching in my area.

**My goal is to somehow turn skating into my career.**

Id love to make VB Roller Girls a Virginia Beach staple...a recognized and actively charitable group within Hampton Roads. VB Roller Girls treat every fellow skater with kindness and respect. This is my biggest priority and something about our community that I’m most proud of...It’s amazing how roller skating brings skaters of all ages, backgrounds & skill levels together. Let’s make it happen in Virginia Beach!!
#VBRollerGirls #ItsALoveSkateThing
I love meeting new group members. Conversation is great for developing a positive and productive learning environment. Meeting and talking with new people gives us a chance to break into a new comfort zone. Sometimes that’s hard to do with the sounds of the skating rink in the background... that’s why we do workshops outside in the warmer months!
•Whether you're a beginner who is brand new to skating or if you're just trying to work on skills you already have... it's all good! I try to make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn new skills, have fun, and meet new people . I shape my meetups around the schedules of those who are active within our group and what they would like to achieve in the long run.
I like to keep lessons pretty relaxed for the most part. When meeting with beginners I try to be firm when it comes to proper form, posture and stance. It’s important to have *good* skating habits.
•Not only is roller skating a ton of fun, it can help boost your serotonin levels...you'll never see a sad person on skates! Skating is also a great low-impact workout, ... when we’re not falling down (Which will happen often). You will meet so many amazing people and have the support of an awesome and welcoming community!
•Seasonal Rollouts
•Meet Ups
• Choreo/Dance Skate
• Outdoor Lessons
• Downtown City/Street Skating

** Skates and safety gear are NOT provided.

I advise all new skaters to bring their protective gear...and please wear it!

•Once your first lesson is scheduled & confirmed - all new students will receive our Official VBRG Welcome Packet!

Our welcome packet is 18 pages filled with a ton of great “Roller Skates 101” info to help get you started and keep you rolling! (skate recommendations/skates to stay away from/local skate shops & rinks)

** The VBRG Welcome packet is available for purchase for $20
- - You will receive a digital copy in PDF form. I will also personally send you a hardcopy via USPS if desired. - -

Happy Skating Everyone!

K. Guinto 🛼

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On Wednesdays We Skate

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