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SPIRIT CALL - Every Friday evening at 9:30 (est)
You are invited every Friday evening to join in a weekly Spirit Call. These calls are approximately 20 minutes in length and provide an opportunity to expand your spiritual energy, connect with your brothers and sisters around the world, and experience a deeper attunement with your own team of Spiritual helpers. Share, inspire, and gain a deeper awareness of your soul experience, as well as personal and global healing. It's simple, from the privacy of your own environment, call the number[masked] and use pin[masked]#. Share your name and the city you are calling from, join in and share your experience when you desire and feel guided. A freeing, uniting and rejuvenating experience. You will have the opportunity to experience two different energies and formats for your spiritual growth and involvement. Both calls are open to everyone around the world, so invite a friend or loved one if you choose. On the 1st and 3rd Fridays, Wayshowers Community Fellowship salutes the Wayshower in everyone. We are all unique and have our own wisdom to share with others. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is creating spiritual community and building bridges among all the Spiritual traditions of planet earth. Each month a different tradition and culture is explored. A simple meditation helps you attune to the energy hitting planet earth each month. It also sponsors the youth program, Operation Action, providing scholarships for summer camp. It is backed by thousands of Master souls. On the 2nd and 4th Fridays the host is Peace Community Church International, a church without walls and dogma. It is a tremendous resource for spiritual healing, unity and love. It works in conjunction with School in the Sky, a repository of healing energy overseen by Master healers and angels of love, peace and hope. It focuses on our inner loyalties and the healer within, as well as the four churches of our lives, our state of consciousness, physical body, family and loved one, and where we go to work or fellowship, our community. Join us. Uplift your energy and connect with like minded people around the world.

By Phone - 515-604-9000 using pin 832368#

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What we're about

It's up to You! Every day can be filled with joy, accomplishment, learning and growing as we become clear on who we really are, and why we are here. Have you ever asked those questions of yourself? Happiness is a state of awareness, knowing I am, have been, and will always be. Being loyal to our inner being is key to our fulfilled journey.

Involvement in our lives is important. We all are spiritual beings evolving to higher levels of awareness. We have unlimited energy, potential and the backing of spiritual guidance to simplify our lives. Have you ever had the feeling, I just want to be me? That expression comes from understanding and empowering ourselves to do just that.

My desire is to connect with those who want to get involved, find answers and solutions to living their best life, and to pass on tools and techniques that make it easy to transform ourselves, our lives and create relationships that nourish our magnificient being and claim our freedom as a soul. Self discovery is a beautiful road, I invite you to travel it with me as we explore through seminars, group sessions, courses and other activities the greatness and journey of the soul. My training is from Americana Leadership College, designed with tools for self mastery.

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