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What we’re about

VIRGINIA WORLD RHYTHMS DRUM CIRCLE   Supported by :  and A Professional Drumming Services for your Organization. 

This is the main Web Site for the Virginia World Rhythms Drumming Circles.

This Meetup you will find Drum Circles from Richmond VA all the way to Virginia Beach and everything in between.  The other two websites are specific to their location and

This is the Web Site for Lovers of Drum Circles.  Here you will find the right place to share your rhythms with like minded folks of all ages and levels of playing, from beginners to advanced alike.

We have indoor and outdoor Drum Circles from Richmond VA to Virginia Beach. In the Spring /Summer/Fall months we have Full Moon Drum Circles in Virginia Beach.  We have Drum Circles in Sam Ash Music Store in Richmond VA. And we will announce Special Event Drum Circles in others States like DrumStrong in North Carolina and the Seattle World Rhythms Festival.

So Join up by paying just $7.00 for a one year membership that lets you  know where all the Drum Circles are.  Paid members get discounts to the Sam Ash Music Store and other places.

We will include as many Drum Circles as we find them too. There are Special one day events and multi-day Drum Circles to fulfill all of your drumming desires.  This is where you will come to experience the incredible power of rhythms that transform your inner being. Once you join and become a member, you can create and add your own Drum Circle events to the calendar schedule so everyone can find them.  You can also find out how to get Hand Drum Lessons or have a Drumming Party for your Celebrations.

We have Special Full Moon Drum Circles in Virginia Beach at the 68th st Entrance Ramp.

Hand Drumming Lessons

  Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia   Beach,Chesapeake, Gloucester, Poquoson, Yorktown, James      City, Suffolk, Goochland,Warsaw, Smithfield, Isle of Wight, Hampton Roads and Northeast Carolina 

Hand Drum Instructor:

I specialize in Private Hand Drumming Lessons for you.
My goal is to teach has many students as possible the art of Hand Drumming for relaxation, fun, musicality and spiritual awakening. Each person has rhythm inside of them. I help you find your inner rhythms to play with everyone. My specialty is helping you build confidence to play for yourself and with everyone in a Drum Circle.

just call me direct 757-768-5689 or email me at: for more info.

Drum Parties!

Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Gloucester, Poquoson,Yorktown , James City, Suffolk

Why stand around making small talk when you and your guests can be gettin’ down to the best drum beat in town…and YOU’RE making it!

Imagine offering party entertainment where all of your guests (both young and old) join together in an activity that will keep them engaged, laughing, sharing their spirit and creating group music making all at the same time!

You can email me : with your request or go to my Drum Parties web site.

Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach,Chesapeake, Gloucester, Poquoson, Yorktown, James City, Suffolk, Goochland,Warsaw, Smithfield, Isle of Wight, Hampton Roads and Northeast Carolina 

 Arthur Lopez from   provides Professionally Facilitated Drumming experience for Community based events, Schools, Corporations, Nonprofit Organizations, Parties and for Community Building.