What we're about

Spiritual Growth Meetup: The Spiritual meetup is for everyone and anyone interested in growing, becoming more present with themselves, and seeking like-minded people in the area of personal growth. Each Meetup has a topic we can discuss, we're always open to general discussion. If your coming to the meetup for a purpose then please share. We value your time and we want you to get the most out of the meetup!

Astral Projection Workshop: The workshops are centered around the discipline of astral projection. Astral Projection can be seen as a deep meditation, or a spiritual experience of leaving the body, it is up to you to discern what this experience means.

The Digital: How does all this tie in to the digital realm?
What will our lives be like when Virtual Reality allows us to live in multiple worlds?
What happens when artists bring down from the Astral and create in the Virtual?
Find out the answer to this, and many other questions regarding the upcoming Virtual Reality internet, or as I like to call it: Web 3D / virtual reality internet

You may want to join the group, or attend a meetup if:

• You want to know more about the upcoming Virtual Reality Internet and your role in it

• You are seeking answers about spirituality

• You like to talk about philosophy and spiritual ideas

• You interested in personal development

• You are interested in learning about astral projection

• You are interested in learning about dreaming and dream health

• You have questions about "waking up" or becoming conscious

• You are seeking counseling or Life Coaching

• You want to learn how to meditate

• Your stuck somewhere in your process in meditation or astral projection

• You want to know more information about the workshop

• You want to have a healthier lifestyle

• Make friends and long lasting friendships

• Learn new skills

Past events (20)

What is Real and What is Virtual / Astral

Needs a location

Empowerment Exercises and Discussion

Inside the 590 Madison Avenue Atrium

Personal Growth: Purpose

Bryant Park

Spiritual Meetup!

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