BIOCONJUGATION December Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering Meetup Special Ed.

Virtual Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering Meetups
Virtual Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering Meetups
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Join us for the December Edition of our Virtual Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering Meetups, where 4 early-career scientists from academia and industry present rapid-fire talks on their latest research.

This time special edition on enzymatic bioconjugation

Hosts: Patrick Holder (Genentech) and Ania Fryszkowska (Merck & Co., Inc.)


1. Raphael Hofmann
Jeffrey Bode Lab, ETH Zürich
Site-specific protein modification at internal lysine residues using the E2 conjugating enzyme Ubc9.

2. Ana Toplak
EnzyPep B.V
Chemoenzymatic peptide synthesis (CEPS) using peptiligases as a tool for assembling peptides and proteins

3. Melissa Anne Gray
Carolyn Bertozzi Lab, Stanford University
Engineering antibody-sialidase conjugates for targeted removal of sialic acids from the cancer cell glycocalyx

4. Chihui An
Merck & Co., Inc.
Biocatalytic toolbox for site-selective insulin modification

You can join us in person if possible or on one of our live streams. Passcode:[masked]

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