RESCHEDULED: vECM: Eclipse OpenJ9- Eclipse's own JVM

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The MeetUp will be held on Google Hangouts and you will be able to watch the live stream directly on YouTube.

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Presenter: Dan Heidinga

Host: Stephanie Swart

The Eclipse OpenJ9 project is Eclipse's own completely open JVM project. Wondering how a JVM differs from a JDK? Or how OpenJ9 relates to OpenJDK? This session will provide a gentle introduction to OpenJ9 and demo some of the features that make it such an impressive JVM for Cloud deployments.

Dan Heidinga is an Eclipse OpenJ9 project lead while also leading IBM's J9 VM Interpreter team. He has been involved with virtual machine development since 2007 and has represented IBM on multiple JSRS include JSR 292 ('invokedynamic') and JSR 335 ('lambda'). He has his hands in most new JVM features and all major Java releases. In the past, he's spent entirely too long staring at Java bytecode while maintaining the verifier and still enjoys an occasional detour into Smalltalk development.