“Animal-AI Olympics” Kick-off meetup — Hosted by WBAI and Couger


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Building more general AI by reproducing the intelligence of animals

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How have humans survived?
How did human intelligence evolve for the purpose of survival?

Interests toward intelligence is increasing due to the recent advent of specialized AI applications ranging from AlphaGo, which surpasses the top player of Go to Roomba, the automatic vacuum cleaner.

While much of the mystery surrounding “intelligence” has yet to be elucidated, it is believed that its basis should be related to the “generic” aspects of intelligence common among different types of animals.

So, first of all, is it possible to program animal-like intelligence?

Animal-AI Olympics (AAO) is a contest to work around such a curiosity. It is a contest where teams from all over the world gather to replicate the intelligence of animals to find out ways to implement more general AI.

AAO provides with categories of prizes with grants up to $32,000 to be awarded in “NeurIPS 2019” to be held in Vancouver. The team that submits the most biologically plausible model referring to the brain will be awarded with the WBA Prize ($4,000+).

This kick-off event is aimed at gathering people interested in "Animal-AI Olympics" to deepen their understanding of general-purpose AI through discussions, and to bring about new discoveries in the field.

In addition, there will be team-building time for participants who want to find friends to participate in Animal-AI Olympics together.

Whether you are a single person or a team, you can join. Please feel free to apply.

#How to apply:
Please be careful that simply clicking on the Join button in Meetup is not an official application. Therefore, please make sure to fill out the form below.

#Application period: Until August 14 (Wed)
Due to the capacity of the venue, we will inform the people who can attend by August 16 (Friday).

#What we expect from participants
To have an idea that you want to implement
To be good at coding
To be good at theories (in machine learning)
To be good at project management

#Required knowledge and its level
It is good to have basic knowledge of reinforcement learning.

#Time Table
19:00-19:10: Opening remarks and explanation (Atsushi Ishii, CEO Couger Inc.)
19:10-19:30: Outline of AAO (Naoya Arakawa, Director Whole Brain Architecture Initiative (WBAI) (NPO))
19:30-19:45: WBA award explanation (Hiroshi Yamakawa, Representative Whole Brain Architecture Initiative (NPO))
19:45-20:10: Competition Details (Keita Yanome, Digital Hollywood University)
20:10-20:40: Team Building
20:40-21:30: Team Discussion
21:30-21:50: Team Presentation and Social Gathering
21:50-22:00: About future plan/action

#Basic Information:
Co-organizers: The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative & Couger Inc.
Date and Time: August 21 (Wed) 19:00-22:00
Place: BINARY STAR @ Tokyo, Chuo Ward, Ginza[masked] Kirarito Ginza 11F
Nearest Station:
Tokyo Metro: 1 minute walk from Exit 9 of Ginza Itchome Station, 2 minutes walk from Exit 2 Kyoubashi Station, 5 minutes walk from Exit A13 Ginza Station
JR: Yurakucho Station, 5 minutes walk from Kyoubashi Exit
Participation fee: Free

#Speaker Profile: *Still in progress
◎ Atsushi Ishii, CEO Couger Inc.
◎ Hiroshi Yamakawa, Representative Whole Brain Architecture Initiative (NPO)
◎ Naoya Arakawa, Director Whole Brain Architecture Initiative (NPO)
◎ Keita Yanome, Digital Hollywood University

Please note that this event is for developers, so we will not allow participation of recruiters.

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