Getting Started with a W3C Web of Things Project

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This is a virtual Meetup occurring at 8AM Pacific time (11am Eastern, 5pm Central European Standard Time). For help with your timezone calculation, refer to this (

The meetup will be held on Google Hangouts and you will be able to watch the live stream directly on YouTube.

The W3C Web of Things (WoT) Interest Group (IG) ( is designing technological building blocks that help to complement existing IoT platforms and protocols, and thereby enable interoperability at a Web scale. A draft for the overall architecture can be found here ( The building blocks are described in the Current Practices ( document and include: the W3C Thing Description to provide the data and interaction as well as metadata for things, a Scripting API for portable apps to augment physical devices or instantiate virtual things on hubs or the cloud, and multiple protocol bindings.

This talk will give more details about the Web of Things idea and will provide a getting-started guide for implementers who are interested in contributing and/or participating in our so-called PlugFests. The next PlugFest (,_July_2016,_China,_Beijing#PlugFest) is 12 July 2016 in Beijing, China and will also allow for online participation.

Speaker: Matthias Kovatsch

Matthias Kovatsch is an Internet of Things (IoT) researcher with a focus on Web technology for highly resource-constrained devices. He is active in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the W3C Web of Things Interest Group, and the IoT Industry Working Group by the Eclipse Foundation. His interest is in R&D for networked embedded systems, large-scale distributed systems, and RESTful environments and building an IoT around them. Matthias is a Senior Research Scientist at Siemens AG and a research associate at ETH Zurich.