IoT Developer Trends - 2017 Edition

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The meetup will be held on Google Hangouts and you will be able to watch the live stream directly on YouTube.

This is a virtual Meetup occurring at 7:30AM Pacific Time (10:30 AM Eastern, 4:30 PM Central European Time). For help with your timezone calculation, refer to this (

The IoT Developer Survey Results are in for 2017! We received a record of 713 responses this year. During the webinar, we will go through the main trends, the data, and the analysis we conducted.

We look forward to chatting with you and answering all your questions.

The survey results will be posted on April 19. You will find a link to them here once they are published. Results from past years are also available 2016 ( and 2015 (

A big thank you to the partners who made this survey possible.

Speaker: Benjamin Cabé, Ian Skerrett, and Roxanne Joncas

Benjamin, Ian, and Roxanne have been conducting the IoT Developer Survey for the past 3 years with the help of various partners and members of the Eclipse IoT working group.

*Note: We would like to remind you that this is one of many survey and only provides a glimpse into what the IoT world is really like.