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Almost three years ago, a diverse set of partners across Europe started a collaboration, merging their know-how and expertise, to bring about change in IoT.

There was a not-so-simple problem to solve, and one that raised many interesting questions: “How can we enable IoT device/sensor vendors, innovative SMEs, as well as IoT makers/tinkerers, to deliver their products and hobbyist solutions faster, with out-of-the-box security, Cloud service support and protocol interoperability faster to their markets?”

Today, the AGILE gateway is a reality. It is supported by the 14 partners involved in the project directly, but also a variety of credible organizations across the globe.

In this Virtual IoT, some of the project core partners, FBK, and BioAssist, share their stories, successes, and occasional issues developing the AGILE Hardware and Software.
We will also hear about companies that now use the AGILE Gateway to bring amazing products to the market faster, and how you can also take part in the IoT revolution!


Csaba Kiraly, Ph.D., is a senior researcher at FBK, Trento, Italy. His main research interests are in the design and performance evaluation of IoT systems and networking protocols. Besides IoT, he was also working on virtualization technologies, on peer-to-peer streaming, on privacy-enhancing technologies, and even on stratospheric communication platforms.

Currently, Csaba is the technical/scientific coordinator of the European AGILE H2020 project and project lead of Eclipse Agail. In his research, he was using, analyzing, and modifying the code of large-scale software projects such as Tor, KVM, Contiki, and the Linux Kernel. He co-authored more than 40 scientific papers and presented many of these in scientific conferences and industrial venues. He is also the holder of several IEEE Best Demo and Best Paper awards.

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Georgios Michalakidis is R&D lead at and runs his own development consultancy, Blue Tea in London. He holds an MSc in Internet Computing, a Ph.D. in machine decision making and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) in the UK.

He coordinates multi-disciplinary teams that craft systems spanning across workflow and information management in construction/installation, healthcare, and finance using Cloud technologies and IoT, from system inception and specification, to development and deployment.

His businesses have won prestigious awards in the BI, AI and IoT spaces.

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Andreas Menychtas (Ph.D.) is the CTO of BioAssist S.A., an SME that develops innovative commercial services in the fields of assisted living and home care. He is actively involved in the design and development of eHealth and IoT systems and applications exploiting state of the art technologies from the areas of wireless communication, mobile development, machine learning and software deployment and orchestration.
Andreas holds a diploma of Electrical & Computer Engineering, MSc, and PhD from the National Technical University of Athens. He has participated as a researcher in several European and national research projects and initiatives in the domain of Distributed Systems, Software Modernization, eHealth, Smart Cities and IoT, and the results of his work have appeared in over 70 scientific journals, conferences and book chapters.

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