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Boat owners can RSVP here for "help wanted." Helpers can RSPV here to offer labor.We will have a get acquainted social gathering 4/12 at Michael's Harborside (posted as a club-wide open-invite social). In May, upon return from the Caribbean, Bob Janson will become the owner of this posting. He will take the lead & will set the team's direction for organizing both the projects & the workers, that are logged here.

Dangerous materials, or tools, may be used in boat-work. You are responsible for your own safety & health. Arrive equipped with your own protective gear such as: safety goggles; ear protection if using power tools; gloves suitable to protect against liquids absorbed through the skin; respirator mask with proper filter for chemical inhalants (ie: Epoxy) or airborne particles (ie: Sanding Dust).

Boat-work may involve things like: Chemical solvents, marine paint, bottom treatments, cleaning or stripping agents, epoxy, fiberglassing materials, varnish, & a variety of things unhealthy to inhale when applying fresh &/or when airborne as sanded particles.

Professional boat workers use marine products without harm because they wear proper protective gear. It's recommended that you should too. Inquire about specific materials that you'll be using, read product labels beforehand & arrive with suitable protective gear for your own health & safety.

Some general considerations to be aware of:

~Most chemical products that recommend a respirator mask also assign a filter rating specific to the chemical's properties. Find the recommendations on the label, & follow them.

~Drug store fiber-face-mask is Not sufficient protection for sanding those marine products that put unhealthy compound elements in the air.

~Most power tools operate in a decibel range shown to cause permanent hearing damage when operated without ear protection.