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Visionary Expansive Marketing - Engaging, Building Audiences & Collaborations
If there is a waiting list,please RSVP asap to join the list. We market to several channels so the RSVPs here may not reflect the total expected. We will open up spaces closer to the event date and time - you will be alerted automatically when spaces open up. If you are an expert, visionary or a business person looking to engage audiences more naturally and with more thought, then this event is certainly for you. Marketing as a small business has become more complicated and competitive. Previous standard ways of marketing by themselves are becoming less effective and more expensive with more testing/work required before returns on investment can be achieved. Also, marketing has become more contrived and less thoughtful - mindful strategies customized to your needs is rarely done. If you are starting out, there are too many distractions for you. If you are in the midst of growing your marketing, other people are too distracted to pay attention to you. But rarely does one start from the most effective place - what is important to you in your marketing and how can you achieve that vision? How does one thrive and succeed these days with marketing whilst desiging something that makes more sense and.. may even cost less ... and engaging the right people over time? These are not overnight answers to get your overnight profits. What I will present makes sense to generate a long term sales and marketing engine: 1. How to attract the right people over time to your business? 2. 2 important factors to having control over your marketing. 3. How the game is rigged against you ... if you don't know what you are doing. 4. One option to win, express your value truthfully and engage genuinely - building a legacy, making a difference.. and making it work economically. 5. Simple actions to take to get going on your effective marketing path. Join us! RSVP soon to avoid disappointment. Sunil Bhaskaran Founder, Global Business Mastermind and Organizer "100 Million Joyful & Successful Entrepreneurs by 2027"

Courtyard Sunnyvale Mountain View

660 W El Camino Real · Sunnyvale

What we're about

We are a community of visionary business and marketing leaders who believe in the power of combining savvy business marketing skills and resources to effect a powerful difference for communities as well as the opportunity for everyone involved to benefit economically.

In this community, you will benefit from:
1. Events for Networking and connection.
2. Events for Training & Education.
3. Workshops and higher level training.
4. Innovative and Creative idea sessions.
5. Great Association and Exposure to Opportunities.
6. and much more!

You will gain access to our public events... and to Special Events Exclusive to our group.

"Together we rise ... higher. 1 + 1 + 1 does not equal 3.
It exponentiates.
1 + 1 + 1 gives three introductions to three new leaders
who can give us 15 new collaborations and 25 new technologies with 3,000 new followers who may be even more committed than us.
The days of addition and multiplication are over.
The days of exponentiation begin."
-- Sunil Bhaskaran

If you find this description illuminating and exciting, this group is where you can find your home. I welcome you heartily to our community.

Please join our group asap. There is a short questionnaire and we will approve you based on your answers. There are no perfect answers - just answers that indicate your vision and your spirit of participation.

See you soon,
Sunil Bhaskaran, Organizer

* Founder of the Global Business Mastermind where we create outstanding, friendly environments for collaborations to flourish for people at all levels of business.

* 120,000+ business owners and professionals in his meetup network in the Bay Area and mastermind presence in US, UK and in the process of expanding into other countries.

* Successful Entrant - Shark Tank for Experts - JVIC Community.

* Mentor, Speaker, Visionary Entrepreneur since 1991.

He lives in Santa Cruz, CA with his lovely wife and musical producer, Glenda Benevides and has been a radio show host, published author and an in-demand speaker.

He is also the Director of Strategic Outreach for the Healthy Climate Alliance - an organization dedicated to restoring the climate to healthy levels for our future generations.

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