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What is the purpose of this group?

Master Chen Yu represents one of that few authentic branches of Chen Taijiquan that can offer traditional training adopted to modern life. The main focus this group to maintain healthy body and mind while developing practical martial art skills following Master Chen Yu tradition. Also few things worth mentioning about us:

- We believe that no belts system, certificates, titles, or years of experience can grantee a healthy body and practical martial skills.

- We take sober approach to taijiquan and consider all shortcoming.

- We focus only on practical skills.

- We practice on our terms and at our pace.

- We consider everyone in our group as friends.

What is Chen Taijiquan?

Chen Style Taijiquan (or Tai Chi Chuan) is an ancient Chinese art of exercise which is characterized by fluid, coiling movements punctuated with quick bursts of energy. It combines philosophy of Yin-Yang, knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and fighting techniques of the late Ming Dynasty. Chen Taijiquan cultivates both health benefits and self-defense skills. It can be practiced at any age and at any place. This group is dedicated to Chen Zhaokui line represented by his son Chen Yu.

Who is Chen Yu?

Chen Yu is a 19th generation lineage holder in Chen Family Taijiquan and is the only son of renown master Chen Zhaokui. He began studying Taiji with his father at the age of 7. He has spent many years of diligent work developing and preserving his father’s art. Chen Yu is known for his explosive power (or Fa Jin) as well as seizing (or Chin Na) techniques. He carries forth the tradition of Chen Style Taijiquan by spreading the teaching of his father around the world. He teaches in many cities in China as well as in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Russia. In addition to China, Chen Yu has students in the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia and Italy.

Ready to start?

Whether you member or not you are welcome to join us anytime we schedule a meeting. Have a doubt? Feel free to ask any question. Wonder how it is ? Come, see and try. Need more information? Visit our web site http://chentaijistudy.com

If you decide to join this group please consider:

- We do hope for your active participation. So please consider joining us if you are ready to commit for active participation

- We are not looking for a big crowd.

- If you choose to stay and continue we will ask for a small donation that worth two cups of Starbucks coffee. Your contribution will support our cause - no more no less.

- We are reasonably flexible to change times and locations as long as it works for majority. However, at the moment our group meets on Sunday morning. If another day works for you please make a suggestion.

Please Note: If you join this group and remain inactive over 3 month you will be deleted. However, you can rejoin back anytime you feel you can commit to become an active member

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