• The many faces of cloud services in containers

    RIT Institute Hall (INS/073), Room 1160

    Presenter: Joel "Jaykul" Bennett Sponsor: Wellington Steele & Associates In this presentation we will briefly discuss the development of a web service in .NET Core for deployment in the cloud before we talk about packaging it in a cloud-agnostic container, and a few of the ways you can deploy it to Azure. I'll demonstrate creating containers for .NET development, and how to work with them in Visual Studio or VS Code, and we'll look at a simple web service running in a container. With our web service working, we'll walk through the different ways you can deploy container based apps on Azure, including Azure Kubernetes Service (formerly Azure Container Service), Azure Container Instances, Azure Service Fabric, and Web App for Containers.

  • (TBD)

    RIT Institute Hall (INS/073), Room 1160

    Presenter: (TBD) Sponsor: Randstad Technologies

  • Microsoft Build 2019 Recap with Kyle & Joel

    Topic: Recap of Microsoft Build 2019 Presenter: Kyle Korndoerfer & Joel Bennett Sponsor: Randstad Technologies Join Kyle and Joel as we recap all of the announcements from the Microsoft Build 2019 conference. We might even have a little swag to hand out as well!

  • Intro to Graph Databases and Gremlin by S. Kyle Korndoerfer

    Topic: Introduction to Graph Databases and Gremlin Presenter: S. Kyle Korndoerfer Sponsor: Modis Graph database are quickly becoming the go-to data storage structure for new projects due to loose structure that allows for rapid prototypes that can more easily scale out horizontally. They can be thought of as a cross between Relation and Document databases, combining the strengths of each. We will talk about how the core concepts in graph databases as well as the Gremlin query language that makes working with the data easier.

  • 50,000 Foot view of Quantum Computing by Larry O'Heron

    Topic: 50,000 Foot view of Quantum Computing Presenter: Larry O'Heron Sponsor: TBD With the ongoing debate of whether or not Moore's Law is reaching its limits and the 'exponential' break-throughs potentially offered by Quantum Computing, a high-level look at the differences and possibilities between traditional and Quantum Computing are in order. If all goes well, at the end of the presentation we will try our hands at some *very simple* simple quantum programming.

  • Writing Console Applications and Why They Still Matter by Joel Bennett

    Topic: Writing Console Applications and Why They Still Matter Presenter: Joel Bennett Sponsor: NO SPONSOR THIS MONTH; ~$3/person for food 1. Incentives: why do we still write console apps in 2019? 2. The ConHost in Windows 10. New features and functionality recently added (including what's in Insiders edition for the next release) 3. How ANSI VT Escape sequences give us great cross-platform capabilities for console apps, with ncurses examples 4. An example of how to write Console apps with Dependency Injection (DI), logging, etc. in .NET Core Depending on what happens in the next few weeks, there might even be bonus content about what is coming in .NET Core 3 (i.e. WPF/WinForms) and the differences between traditional (full-framework) WPF/WinForms development.

  • HttpClient in .NET Core 2.1 by Aldo Martinez

    Topic: HttpClient in .NET Core 2.1 Presenter: Aldo Martinez Sponsor: TEKsystems This talk will be about using HttpClient in .NET Core 2.1, how to call REST endpoints using common HTTP verbs, how to unit test classes that use HttpClient, and the socket exception issue. Topics to cover: + Introduction + GET, POST and PUT requests using HttpClient + Unit Testing and mocking classes that use HttpClient + Common HttpClient issue: socket exception + HttpClient Factory in .NET Core 2.1 + Improper Instantiation anti-pattern Aldo is from the border city of Brownsville, TX. He graduated from Monterrey Tech (ITESM) in 2008 with a degree in Computer Science and has worked for companies such as SAGE and Fidelis Care. He currently works for Mindex at Paychex. You can find him on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mtzaldo/

  • Microsoft Office Open XML SDK by Mike Kiefer

    Topic: Microsoft Office Open XML SDK Presenter: Mike Kiefer Sponsor: Randstad All current versions of Microsoft Office were designed, tested, and configured to run as end-user products on a client workstation. They assume an interactive desktop and user profile. Office 2007 supports new Open XML file formats that let developers create, edit, read, and transform file content on the server side. These file formats use the System.IO.Package.IO namespace in the Microsoft .NET 3.x Framework to edit Office files without using the Office client applications themselves. This is the recommended and supported method for handling changes to Office files from a service." support.microsoft.com Mike will review the Open Office SDK and some other libraries that provide programmatic access to create, read, and edit spreadsheets. Mike Kiefer is a software developer at Exele Information Systems. Exele provides software solutions focused on time series data for process industries. Previously, Mike worked on fuel cell research and development as a test engineer and controls engineer.

  • Infrastructure as Code


    Topic: Infrastructure As Code Presenter: Joel Bennett We won't spend much time on the obvious benefits of infrastructure as code, but will dive right into the options (from VMs to Containers, Kubernetes to Azure) and tooling (from Azure "ARM" templates to Vagrant and Terraform, to Palumi and Helm charts). We will look at some demos ranging from the simple (web server with a database in docker containers) to the complex (a physical to virtual Azure migration which included replicated Active Directory clusters, SQL Servers with failover clusters, and a web host farm) and we'll show you how to get started. Joel Bennett is currently the Senior DevOps engineer at Questionmark, and has been automating infrastructure and deployments since before "DevOps" was a thing... Sponsor: TBD

  • Intro to Angular by Joe Pietruch


    Topic: Intro to Angular Presenter: Joe Pietruch Sponsor: TBD Join us for an introduction to the Angular framework and its surrounding tooling. We'll visit npm, angular-cli, VS Code, TypeScript, RxJS, Jasmine, and Protractor. Learn the basics of the framework, and also get a glimpse of Angular at scale. Joe will give a behind-the-scenes tour of Forbes' new authoring experience "bertie" (affectionately named after Forbes' founder, B.C. Forbes). You'll walk away with a reasonable overview of the Angular ecosystem, and a set of resources on going further with Angular. Joe is a Senior Front-End Dev for Forbes, and runs a remote office with student interns in the new MAGIC building at RIT. He's an RIT alum, graduating '08 with a BFA in New Media Design, and '10 with an MS in Game Design & Development. His natural activities include board games and spectating college hockey games.